Why doesn’t the HSIP provide clinical services for the vaccine requirements for admission to a Health Science School or Program?


Some students start interacting with patients, clients and community members within 2 weeks of arriving on campus. We need to ensure a safe environment for these students and the patients and clients they serve, and this is a difficult goal to meet if students do not arrive with the immunization requirements having already been met. In addition the legal affiliation agreements between the practicum/clinical sites of practice and the University state that health sciences students will have already completed all health care personnel (HCP) immunization requirements.

Even with insurance coverage, some costs following accidental exposure to blood borne pathogens (i.e. needle sticks) can be denied for reimbursement when claims are made. We have determined that it is more cost effective to use health fee funds to provide gap coverage in these instances, rather than to use these funds for pre-entry immunizations that are more likely to be covered by health insurance plans.