photo of two people walking around the University of Washington campusA number of services are provided to the employees and students of the University of Washington through Campus Health Services.

Campus Health Services works in a relationship with Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) to provide the clinical services required by State and Federal law and/or by consensus of the University.  These services cover required:

  • immunizations for healthcare workers, lab workers, and others as required by law,
  • screenings,
  • active surveillance (such as for Tb), and
  • exposure response (for hazardous substances).

CHS is governed by a CHS Executive Committee which:

  • Assures that the UW is in compliance with clinical services to meet mandatory occupational health and safety requirements and responsibilities;
  • Makes higher level administrative and medical decisions, including but not limited to:
    • Standardization of operations and services across service sites
    • Separation of the employee / student health record from the employee’s / student’s personal medical record (RCW20.04)
    • Surveillance activities required for UW’s research, educational and service programs, along with the impact of those required activities on operational units of the CHS
  • Provides strategic leadership
    • Sets scope of service for CHS
    • Serves as liaison to upper administration at the UW
    • Reviews policies and procedures that cross unit boundaries

CHS is managed by a CHS Operations Committee which:

  • Is made up of the Managers of the various Employee Health Centers and the Student Programs that operate under the aegis of CHS.
  • Manages and coordinates clinical services addressing employee and student health needs as directed by the CHS Executive Committee.
  • Defines and develops general concensus regarding day-to-day standard of care and key clinical services across the UW system for employees & student health programs.
  • Work with EH&S staff to define operational level roles and responsibilities in providing employee related health services.