Brain Imaging – Autism

In conjunction with the Drs. Sarah Webb and Raphael Bernier, Dr. Aylward is participating in a multisite study of children with gene deletions or duplications in the 16p11.2 region.  This project, “Simons Variations in Individuals Project – VIP ” funded by the Simons Foundation, involves extensive phenotyping, including clinical assessment of autism spectrum disorders, neuropsychological testing, 3-D craniofacial photogrammetry, and neuroimaging.  Children with the 16p11.2 deletions or duplications and their family members are scanned at UW Diagnostic and Imaging Sciences Center (DISC) , using structural MRI, DTI, and resting state fMRI.  Those who can successfully tolerate the scan procedure are then invited to other study sites to complete MEG (magnetoencephalogaphy) and additional fMRI assessment.  Analysis involves qualitative assessment of structural MRI abnormalities, volumetric assessment, and analyses linking brain measures to behavioral measures.

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