Agilent DD2 500 MHz The Department of Medicinal Chemistry houses a 3 channel Agilent DD2 500 MHz spectrometer, which comes equipped with z-axis pulse field gradients (PFGs) and several sets of probes. The instrument provides the most up-to-date multidimensional, multinuclear NMR techniques for studying the structure and dynamics of single biomolecules or biomolecular complexes in solution. Although training in the use of the NMR is not routinely provided to users outside the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, access to the NMR instrument is possible through the Analytical Biopharmacy Core on a fee for service basis. The magnet resides in room I093C of HSB.

Available Probes

For more information about access to this instrument contact the Core manager.


Please acknowledge all work done on core facility instruments by citing the Analytical Biopharmacy Core, its contributing scientists, the Center for Intracellular Delivery of Biologics and the Washington State Life Sciences Discovery Fund. Core personnel directly involved in performing and designing experiments should be considered for authorship.

  • MolES G22