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Updates on the instrument reservation and usage protocols (06/01/16). Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during our instrument protocol revisions.

Please note that the CORAL calendaring system to reserve resources in the Analytical Biopharmacy Core has been reactivated as of June 1st, 2016. Instrument time can be reserved using the appropriate link above. New users will need to register here for access to the CORAL calendaring system.

All new users to the facility need to register with John Sumida, the Core manager, to access instruments. Please see his contact information below.

Welcome to the Analytical Biopharmacy Core

Established in 2009 with funding from the Washington state Life Sciences Discovery Fund, the Analytical Biopharmacy Core ("the Core") serves the general research community at UW, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and regional biotechnology companies on a cost-per-use basis. This resource, which is administered within the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at The University of Washington in Seattle, provides biophysical instrumentation and expertise for the characterization of molecular interactions between biotherapeutic molecules and their receptors, metabolites, delivery vehicles, or any relevant biological components.

The specific aims for the Center include development of delivery platforms that enhance the efficiency of therapeutic proteins, peptides, and siRNA to reach the cytosolic compartment of cells. The biopharmacy core facility provides analytical expertise in several state-of-the-art biophysical methods including analytical ultracentrifugation, surface plasmon resonance, differential scanning calorimetry, and isothermal titrating calorimetry. Interested labs can submit samples for Core scientists to run. The Core also provides training to the Center for Intracelluar Delivery of Biologics (CIDB) and UW students and staff. The Core is supported through the CIDB by the UW School of Pharmacy and the Life Sciences Discovery Fund.

Using the Analytical Biopharmacy Core

Please note that as access to the Instrumentation labs is restricted, please use the courtesy phone located in the lobby to contact lab personnel for admittance.


To discuss your experimental needs, and to arrange for training and instrument time, please contact the Core Manager.

Analytical Biopharmacy Core Contact Information
Name Title Phone E-Mail
John Sumida, Ph.D. Core Manager 206-616-3971 jpsumida@uw.edu

Scheduling Work

To schedule work, contact the Core manager (jpsumida@uw.edu). Scheduling work in the Analytical Biopharmacy Core is done through a calendaring system that resides on the CIDB website. Access to the calendaring system is accomplished with a password that is assigned after you meet with the Core manager.

Users must provide their own Series S sensor chips (for SPR work), buffers, reagents, and other materials specific for their work. The facility has very limited cold storage space; thus, sample storage must be limited to samples necessary for currently running experiments only. All buffer conditions and protein materials must meet the approval of the facility manager, and all solutions materials must be properly labeled.

Publishing Work Done in the Analytical Biopharmacy Core

Please acknowledge all work done on core facility instruments by citing the Analytical Biopharmacy Core, its contributing scientists, the School of Pharmacy and the Molecular Engineering and Sciences Institute at the University of Washington. Core personnel directly involved in performing and designing experiments should be considered for authorship.

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