Analytical Biopharmacy Core Facility Hourly Rates
Instrument Usage Academic/Non-profit Rate Industry Rate
AUC Instrument time $85.28 $224.43
DSC Instrument time $11.23 $39.06
SPR T200 Instrument time $59.75 $198.90
SPR T100 Instrument time $53.62 $198.90
ITC Instrument time $17.87 $87.44
Densitometry $18.43 $158.10
Viscometry $18.50 $157.64
Consulting Free $200.00
SPR Training $59.75 $59.75
DSC Training $11.23 $11.23
ITC Training $17.87 $17.87

Secure Data Handling and Storage Procedure

  1. Access to user data is restricted by the Core administrator who assigns passwords to specific user accounts with limited functionality on each of the facility computers.

    1. Each limited user account is able to access one and only one folder for data storage while still being able to control the instrument and acquire data for his or her purposes.
    2. Data for academic users is maintained in a separate location from that of industry users.
    3. No one user is able to open, read or write to a folder corresponding to another user.

  2. The Bioanalytical Pharmacy Core operates behind the University of Washington firewall. A second layer of protection is provided by a VPN firewall which uses dynamically assigned IP numbers. Thus, the external web sees one IP for the VPN router installed in the Core facility, but cannot see the IP numbers of the individual computers sitting behind the VPN firewall.

Sample Requirements


*    SPR users must provide their own chips and reagents.


    Please acknowledge all work done on core facility instruments by citing the Analytical Biopharmacy Core, its contributing scientists, the School of Pharmacy and the Molecular Engineering and Sciences Institute at the University of Washington. Core personnel directly involved in performing and designing experiments should be considered for authorship.


  • MolES G22