Stopped Flow Fluorescence

Stopped-Flow fluorescence or absorbance measurements provide a method to monitor kinetics of molecular interactions. These methods yield rate constants for conformational changes or unfolding of macromolecular complexes, ligand binding, ligand dissociation, or catalysis on the millisecond timescale.

The Applied Photophysics SX20 is equipped with a 150W Xenon arc lamp suitable for Visible and near-UV measurements. Three detectors are installed: a fluorescence Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT), an absorbance PMT, and a Photo Diode Array (PDA) detector. The diode array feature of this instrument allows the acquisition of the entire absorbance spectrum every 2msec.

Visit the vendor at http://www.photophysics.com/sx20.php

Equipment details are also available.


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  • MolES G22