Inclusive Teaching means teaching in ways that do not exclude students, accidentally or intentionally, from opportunities to learn. On this web site we have collected resources, examples, insights from faculty, and stories from students in order to help members of the University of Washington teaching community accomplish their goal of teaching more inclusively.

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Perspectives on What Excludes Students

A number things may communicate to students in your class, "you don't belong here" -- but many are variations on just a few themes. These links provide faculty and student perspectives on these themes.

Strategies for Inclusive Teaching

This section provides strategies to help instructors take proactive measures to communicate to students that they are welcome in the course and are seen as capable, potentially successful learners.

Resources for Inclusive Teaching

This section provides links to resources cited throughout the Inclusive Teaching pages. Resources address who your students are, who you are as an instructor, how you teach, and what you teach.

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