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This section provides links to resources cited throughout the Inclusive Teaching pages. Resources are divided into four sections, based on the model developed by Marchesani and Adams in "Dynamics of Diversity in the Teaching-Learning Process" (1992), excerpted on-line in Diversity Digest.

To view a list of print resources that were used in the development of the site, see our Reference List.

Understand Your Students

Who are your students? What backgrounds and experiences do they bring to class which influence how they learn from you?

View resources related to understanding your students.

Understand Yourself as the Instructor

How does your academic and personal background affect the ways that you plan and teach your class or interact with students?

View resources related to understanding yourself as the instructor.

Consider How You Teach

How can you expand your repertoire of teaching methods in order to help you work more effectively with diverse groups of students?

View resources related to considering how you teach.

Consider What You Teach

How can you plan the content of your course so that it acknowledges and incorporates diverse experiences and perspectives?

View resources related to considering what you teach.

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