Strategies for Inclusive Teaching

Corresponding to those things that communicate to students, "you don't belong here", this page links you to a set of strategies for inclusive teaching.

Though many factors play a role in inclusive teaching, it is the instructor who is in the position to make decisions about course content, align the course with larger departmental or disciplinary contexts, and address students' perceptions that help shape their learning. And most certainly, it is the instructor who has the greatest control over challenging the assumptions on which his or her decisions about teaching are based.

Thus, these pages provide strategies to help instructors take proactive measures to communicate to students that they are welcome in the course and seen as capable, potentially successful learners.

Communicate Respect, Fairness, and High Expectations

Support Student Success

Foster Equitable Class Participation

Plan for Diversity in Teaching

These stategy guides are a work in progress. If you have additional suggestions, feedback, or examples to recommend, please contact us.

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