University of Washington Interdisciplinary Geriatric Research Forum
September 20, 2007

Forum Presentations -- Poster Abstracts


Forum Agenda

Forum Syllabus

Keynote address
/Seth Landefeld, M.D.
Presentation: Interdisciplinary Geriatric Health Care Research

Closing address/Eric Larson, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.P.
Insights: Interdisciplinary Geriatric Research     UWTV Streaming video


Medicine   -   Sanjay Asthana, M.D.

Interdisciplinary Clinical Research

Nursing -
Heather Young, Ph.D., F.A.A.N., G.N.P.
Growing in an Interdisciplinary Environment

Pharmacy -
Shelly Gray, Pharm. D.
Interdisciplinary Research: Navigating the Promotion and Tenure Journey

Social Work -
Nancy Hooyman, Ph.D.
Presentation: Interdisciplinary Research: An Administrative Perspective

Poster Presentation Abstracts
Amy Ai, MA, MSW, PhD -
-Religious Struggle, Coping, and Plasma Interleukin-6 in Middle-aged and Older Patients Prior to Cardiac Surgery

-Secular Spirituality? - Faith Factors Relate to Outcomes in Middle-aged and Older Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Cory Bolkin, Ph.D.
Perceptions of Depression and Primary Care Provider Behavior in Older versus Younger Patients

Marcia A. Ciol, PhD
Minority Disparities in ADL Limitations Among Medicare Beneficiaries

J. Diercks, PharmD candidate
Effects of Interdisciplinary Discussions on Attitudes and Perceptions Among Dental, Social Work and Pharmacy Students

Valerie E. Kelly
Age-related effects of a cognitive task on gait speed and frontal plane stability during narrow-base walking

A. Lam, PharmD
Medications and Oral Health: Potential New Role for Pharmacists

Susan Lakey, PharmD
Improving Medication Management Support for Older Adults

Mary C. Lessig, B.S.
Clock Drawing: Critical Errors for Detecting Cognitive Impairment

Debra Revere, MLIS, MA
A Biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment Knowledge Discovery Tool – Telemakus

H. Thompson
Effect of Intensity of Care on Death within 1-year Following Traumatic Brain Injury

J. Wanagat
Effect of mitochondrial catalase expression on age-related mitochondrial abnormalities in mouse skeletal muscle

Toby White
Latent Class Transition Models for the Elderly U.S. Chronically Disabled