Building Knowledge to Enhance Geriatric Healthcare

Research Projects: 2007-2008

Development of a Telephone Based, Motivation Enhancement Intervention to Improve Pain Self-Management in Older Adults with Disability

Dr. Ivan R. Molton (Rehabilitation Psychology, CIGR Program Faculty)
Dr. Mark P. Jensen (Rehabilitation Medicine)
Dr. Dawn Ehde (Rehabilitation Medicine)

Dr. Marla Kaufman (Sports Medicine and Spine)

Dr. Charles Bombardier (Rehabilitation Medicine)

Develop a telephone intervention for older adults living with chronic pain secondary to disability and pilot test the intervention with older adult chronic pain patients.


A Study of the Feasibility and Acceptability of Restorative Yoga for Co-morbid Insomnia in Older Women with Osteoarthritis

Dr. Diana M. Taibi (Nursing, CIGR Program Faculty)
Dr. Basia Belza (Nursing, CIGR Mentorship Core)
Dr. Michael Vitiello (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)

Test the feasibility and acceptability of a restorative yoga practice for older women with osteoarthritis and co-morbid sleep maintenance insomnia and gather preliminary evidence on the effects of the intervention on self-report and actigraphic sleep outcomes in older women with osteoarthritis.

Meeting Abstracts
APSS June 2009

IGR Forum October 2008




Research Projects: 2006 - 2007

Improving Medication Management Support for Older Adults

Dr. Susan Lakey (Pharmacy, CIGR Program Faculty)

Dr. Soo Borson (Geriatric Psychiatry, CIGR Mentorship Core)
Dr. Shelly Gray (Pharmacy, CIGR Mentorship Core)

   Evaluate preferences for medication support by older adults who have a    range of cognitive and functional abilities.

Meeting Abstracts
CPNP April 2008

NCDEU May 2008

GSA November 2008


Intergenerational Approaches to Increasing Physical Activity

Dr. Cynthia Perry (Nursing, CIGR Program Faculty)
Dr. James LoGerfo (Medicine, CIGR Leadership Core)
Dr. Barbara Cochrane (Nursing, CIGR Co-Director)

Two-phase study of intergenerational support for increasing physical activity among elders and adolescents.

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