Building Knowledge to Enhance Geriatric Healthcare
The focus of the CIGR’s training and mentorship program will be to create opportunities for junior faculty to establish successful interdisciplinary geriatric research careers:

Monthly Consultancy Sessions:
 CIGR faculty provide an opportunity for attendees to share research and career challenges and obtain feedback.

Sponsor Annual Conferences, open to Puget Sound researchers, that will include examples of highly successful interdisciplinary geriatric research, mentorship issues, research methods, and teamwork skills essential to that success.

National Website Resource: All CIGR faculty will be encouraged to register on the free, national, Med Ed Mentoring website (www.mededmentoring.org) and use it as one of their mentoring resources. This unique website offers presentations about career development, ask-the-expert interactive sessions, confidential on-line advising, literature updates, continuing education, and other useful information and links.

Senior mentors will be responsible for helping junior faculty identify opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and providing guidance regarding challenges junior faculty are facing in the conduct of their research and their careers

Junior faculty will be encouraged to share their expertise with one another and see
themselves as both peer mentors and advisors to the next generation of investigator-trainees.


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