CIMS Awarded New MURI Project
"Design of Energy Harvesting Storage System (EHSS) for Future AF Aero Vehicles"

     CIMS is awarded a new MURI project from AFOSR, “Design of energy harvesting and storage system (EHSS) for future AF aero vehicles” with the budget of $6M for the next five years starting from May 1, 2006. CIMS director M. Taya is the PI of this MURI team and Chunye Xu, CIMS associate director, is the Co-PI. This MURI is aimed at developing a set of new energy harvesting materials based on organics and thermoelectrics, and also a energy storage system based on polymers and metal electrodes, which need to be airborne, thus, light weight and robust in airborne condition are required. Other Co-PI's of the UW team are Samuel Jenekhe (ChemE), Gouzhong Cao (MSE), and Yasuo Kuga (EE). In addition, three subcontractors will be participating in the UW team: University of Colorado (Marty Dunn, leader), UCLA (Y.S. Ju, leader), and VPI (Dan Inman, leader). 

     Some of our research products will also be used for an unmanned air vehicle (UAV), which will fly only on the solar energy harvested and stored in the UAV. 

     The results of the MURI are expected to have a strong impact on energy harvesting and storage design in the future. For example, future airplanes may use more solar energy for cabin room operations, which will be transferred to the energy efficient system on ground vehicles and housing.

Researchers involved in 2006 MURI Project


AFOSR Kick-Off Meeting

The AFOSR Kick-Off meeting will be held at the University of Washington on August 25th, 2006.

Attendees, please download the following Word document for further information about the meeting and hotel accommodation:

           Kick-Off Meeting Information  (uploaded 8-21-2006)

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