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The Center for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN) links researchers in multiple departments and disciplines at the University of Washington to advance knowledge in systems and behavioral neuroscience. CIN fosters interdisciplinary interactions and promotes new connections between faculty and neuroscience research programs that use integrative approaches to understanding brain function. Topics of interest include adaptive behaviors, motor function, sensation, perception, learning, memory, communication, and decision-making. CIN’s mission is to strengthen collaborative investigation of brain function on multiple levels of analysis, including genomic, cellular, behavioral, computational, and evolutionary. The research of CIN faculty provides the foundation for applications to human neurological disease for disorders ranging from tremors to learning disabilities.

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6th Annual Spring Symposium

Flipping the Switch: The Neurobiology of Addiction
May 14, 2013 - 9am - 5pm
Waterfront Activities Center, University of Washington, Seattle
Featured Speakers: 
David Belin, INSERM, U Poiters
David Redish, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota
Catherine Winstanley, Psychology, University of British Columbia
Additional Speakers: 
Charles Chavkin, Pharmacology, UW
Jeremy Clark, Psychiatry, UW
Susan Ferguson, Seattle Children's Research Institute
Paul Phillips, Psychiatry, UW

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