This is the website for the Collaboration in the Wild research project which is a collaborative project between David Socha of University of Washington Bothell and Josh Tenenberg of University of Washington Tacoma. The Collaboration in the Wild project investigates how people collaborate in naturalistic contexts to design and evolve highly complex systems, such as software developers collaborating on their actual work in their actual place of work.

One product of this study is the BeamCoffer dataset, a large, multi-modal, multi-stream dataset of videos, photos, etc. from a software development organization in the Seattle, WA area that we refer to by the pseudonym BeamCoffer.

Working with the BeamCoffer dataset led us to realize that such datasets enable new types of research, which we are exploring under the term of wide-field ethnography (WFE). This includes a study into the collective analysis of such datasets.

We are building a set of WFE tools to help us and other research groups search, navigate, filter, browse, annotation, visualize, and other analyze such large and complex datasets. More on that later.


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