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Scott, Tyree



73 cubic feet

Accession No. 5245-1





Tyree Scott (1940-2003) was a labor leader and activist deeply involved in many minority workers’ and equal opportunity organizations.

Scott, an electrician, grew up in Texas, moved to Seattle in 1966 and became a leader in the Central Contractors Association.  This organization of minority workers led many peaceful demonstrations against discriminatory hiring practices in Seattle’s construction industry in the summer and fall of 1969.  Through the protests, the issue of discriminatory employment was noted by the American Friends Service Committee. After investigating the situation, the AFSC approached Scott and the leadership of the CCA and proposed a new community-based organization that would organize minority workers to fight discrimination in the unions and in the construction trades. The United Construction Workers Association was founded in 1970 with financial support from the AFSC.  Tyree Scott was a founding member and worked intensively within the Association, first as a paid staff member and then later as a director.

UCWA combined community organization, peaceful demonstrations and legal action to fight workplace discrimination.  The Association saw an early victory in the class action suit United States vs. Ironworkers Local 86 et. al. – in which the U.S. Department of Justice sued five local unions and apprenticeship and training committees under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  In 1970 Judge William J. Lindberg found that there had indeed been racial discrimination in the practices of all institutions named in this case. He ordered wide-ranging relief programs, including quotas for union membership, hiring, and apprenticeship classes and changes in hiring and dispatching procedures. 

Judge Lindberg’s ruling also created the Court Order Advisory Committee – a private institution that would ensure the implementation of these relief measures.  The COAC collected data and published reports on industry employment practices. The UCWA had two members on COAC board of directors; Tyree Scott served as one of these representatives from 1972 to 1978.  The COAC was reformed as the Vocational Exploration and Referral Service Center in December of 1978. 

In 1972 UCWA was also made party to the U.S. vs. Local 86 suit, which allowed them to officially participate in the enforcement of the court decrees.  UCWA collected reports of employment progress in local trades and continued to pursue legal action against companies defaulting on the requirements of the court settlement.

By court decree, UCWA also became the point of entry for apprenticeship programs.  UCWA assisted workers with job application processes, offered extra training for apprenticeship classes, and served as a liaison between workers, unions and employers.  The UCWA also worked with civil and community institutions, including the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Washington State Manpower and Planning Council, various Seattle city agencies, the Seattle Urban League and others.

After the landmark Lindberg decision, UCWA also began to widen its focus beyond minority work in the local building trades to other areas of employment in Seattle and other cities across the nation.  In 1973 a branch of UCWA was established in Oakland, California. 

UCWA also initiated the Southwestern Workers Federation, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1973.  Two UCWA staff members - Tyree Scott and Todd Hawkins - visited eight cities in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas under contract from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to help minority worker activists organize further and to help them draw together legal resources to file Title VII complaints.

In 1973 Michael Woo of the UCWA worked among Asian and Alaska Native cannery workers who lived in Seattle but worked summers in the salmon processing plants in Alaska.  From this work the Alaska Cannery Workers Association was formed to combat discrimination in worker housing, facilities, pay scales and hire status.  ACWA filed Title VII lawsuits against the world’s largest fish companies, including the New England Fish Company and Wards Cove Packing Company.

In 1973 members of UCWA, ACWA, and the Northwest Chapter of United Farm Workers of America came together to found the Labor and Employment Law Office.  LELO hired lawyers and served workers of color, helping them pursue legal recourse in issues of labor discrimination. LELO helped UCWA, ACWA, UFW, other worker’s organizations and individual workers win landmark civil rights cases, including Domingo vs. New England Fish Company, Carpenter vs. NEFCO-Fidalgo Packing Company and Yates vs. Local 7 Asbestos Workers, et al.

While LELO had always combined its legal work with participation in community organization, the focus was primarily on court action in the early years of its operation.  However, in 1989 the Supreme Court’s decision in the long-contested Atonio vs. Ward’s Cove case constituted a major shift in the pursuit of discrimination cases and in LELO’s operations.  Ever since the landmark civil rights suits of the early 1970s, the burden of proof in discrimination charges had rested on the employers.  In the Wards Cove case, the Court’s decision was that the plaintiffs’ statistical demonstration of racial disparity between classes of workers did not make a prima facie case for violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.  This set a new precedent for the burden of proof in Civil Rights cases and vastly increased the difficulty of workers pursuing discrimination charges under Title VII. 

As pursuing court action as an avenue for change became more difficult, LELO’s focus and activities opened to a broader spectrum.  LELO shifted its emphasis to offering other types of assistance to low-income, minority and workers’ groups both locally and across the globe.  Further information about LELO’s current projects can b found online at  Tyree Scott has served on the board of directors of LELO since its inception.

In the late 1970s Scott, Scott’s wife Beverly Sims and Michael Woo were members of the Seattle Workers Group, which in turn was associated with the Organizing Committee for an Ideological Center.  The OCIC was an umbrella group that coordinated the activities of various Marxist workers organizations across the country.  The purpose of the OCIC was both to support local Marxist groups in their effort to organize and educate workers locally, but also to bring together disparate groups across the nation into a more ideologically and structurally unified whole. The OCIC’s long-term goal was to build a national Labor/Workers Party.  The organization disbanded about 1981.


Tyree Scott became less involved in the activities of the United Construction Workers Association in the late seventies, and the organization faded out of existence around 1981.  Tyree Scott retired from the electrician’s trade and remained active as a board member for the Labor and Employment Law Office until his death in 2003.




The Tyree Scott Papers consist of 73 cubic feet of records dating from 1970 to 1995, with the bulk of the material originating in the 1970s.  Materials in this accession are grouped into the records of the various organizations Scott has been involved in: the United Construction Workers Association (boxes 1-12, 21), the Court Order Advisory Committee (boxes 12-13), the Southwestern Workers Federation (box 13), the Alaska Cannery Workers Association (box 13), the Organizing Committee for an Ideological Center (boxes 14-15), the American Friends Service Committee (boxes 15-16) and the Labor and Employment Law Office (boxes 19-21, 23-74).  Boxes 16-18 contain the personal papers of Tyree Scott, as well as the papers of Beverly Sims – Scott’s wife and a fellow activist – and a file of papers belonging to Michael Woo, member of UWCA and LELO.


The United Construction Workers Association records date from 1970 to 1981 and contain correspondence, minutes, financial records, reports, speeches and writings, news releases, subject series, membership and job applications, discrimination complaints, published materials including fliers and brochures, notes and research materials.  The materials document UCWA’s involvement in assisting minority workers through apprenticeship programs and hiring processes, their pursuit of court action in discrimination cases and their efforts in community organization and general activist work.


Incoming and outgoing letters as well as the general correspondence series of this subgroup are filed chronologically.  The correspondence includes communications with a variety of workers, employers, unions and apprenticeship programs, Washington state and Seattle city legislators, municipal agencies and community organizations.


The Membership and Job Applications series contains both forms for membership in UCWA and inquiries into specific positions.  Since UCWA was an official channel to local apprenticeship programs, workers often became members of UCWA as a first step in the process of seeking employment, thus making it difficult to logically separate job and membership applications.


Manpower Compliance Reports are compilations of statistical data concerning minority involvement in construction projects collected from individual work sites.  The reports list the trades, skill level (apprentice/journeyman), and race of each worker on a site for a period of time, sometimes breaking down the number of hours worked by each.  Projects and employers include the University of Washington, Weyerhauser, the domed stadium project (Kingdome), Rainier Tower, Larkin Potts, and Washington State Highway projects.


Subject series are a significant part of this accession, containing files on the many organizations UCWA worked with and a variety of different projects in which they were involved.  One of the most important of these is the No Separate Peace series.  No Separate Peace was a monthly publication produced by a subcommittee of UCWA members; Tyree Scott, Beverly Sims and Michael Woo were heavily involved.  Materials in this series include minutes of the NSP board of directors, correspondence, a sampling of published issues (dating from 1975-76 and 1978), drafts of articles, research material and photographs dating from 1975 to 1978.


Other significant series include the Affirmative Action Plans series; which besides containing employment/race statistics and information on regional Affirmative Action Plans, also holds correspondence and other records of the failed Seattle Plan of the early 1970s.  The United States Department of Labor series also contains correspondence relating to the Seattle Plan, as well as material on funding for UCWA.  The Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (minority applicants to CETA positions), Seattle Model City Program (which partially sponsored UCWA), U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and Picnic (annual UCWA social event) are also notable series.


The sub-subgroups for the UCWA main board of directors and the Oakland board of directors both contain minutes and correspondence of these bodies.


The sub-subgroups for the trades committees mostly contain materials relating to education and examinations for apprenticeship and journeyman status in each of the trades.  Some minutes and correspondence are also found in these subgroups.


The Court Order Advisory Committee consists of one cubic foot of records dating from 1970 to 1979.  This subgroup includes correspondence, minutes, reports and other records relating to COAC’s work in monitoring the progress of local unions and businesses in their progress towards meeting the requirements of Judge Lindberg’s rulings.


The United Inner City Development Foundation is a small (about 0.2 cubic feet) subgroup mostly containing correspondence with the United Inner City Development Foundation and organizational information on this and several other local community organizations.  The materials date from 1971 and 1972 and were collected by Todd Hawkins, a member of both UCWA and UICDF.


The Southwestern Workers Federation subgroup consists of about 0.42 cubic feet of records dating from 1973 to 1977.  These records document the UCWA’s work in establishing this sister organization, particularly Tyree Scott and Todd Hawkin’s trips to the cities in the area.  The cities visited include: Little Rock and Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Monroe and Shreveport, Louisiana; Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma; Austin, Tyler and Waco, Texas.  The city files and the Event files on the Dallas meetings make up the bulk of this subgroup, which also includes organizational information, minutes of advisory board meetings, speeches, writings and newsletters.


The Alaska Cannery Workers is another small subgroup containing only three file folders of material from 1973 and 1974.  The subgroup contains correspondence, minutes, and reports – including reports by UCWA on the formation and progress of ACWA.


The Organizing Committee for an Ideological Center subgroup consists of 1.8 cubic feet of records dating from 1973 to 1980.  The bulk of this subgroup actually consists of sub-subgroups of records from the various groups affiliated with the OCIC.  The largest of these is the Seattle Worker’s Group sub-subgroup.  These materials date from 1976 to 1979 and contain organizational information, correspondence, minutes, reports and subject series.  The subject series make up the bulk of this sub-subgroup, and mostly consist of writings, reports and statements concerning the topic of the file.


The other sub-subgroups in the OCIC subgroup mostly contain reports, statements and writings about the activities of the regional groups.  Some correspondence is included (often between Tyree Scott and the group) and occasional minutes.  The bulk of these materials date from 1977 to 1980.


Another significant portion of the OCIC subgroup is the subject series files, which also consist mostly of writings, statements, and reports concerning the subject matter, with some minutes and agenda in the conference files and occasional correspondence.  The OCIC subgroup also contains minutes, speeches and writings, and notes.


The American Friends Service Committee subgroup consists of cubic feet of records and dates from 1971 to 1988 (bulk 1973- 1979).  This subgroup contains correspondence, minutes and agenda, financial records, speeches and writings, news releases and subject series that document both AFSC’s assistance to UCWA and other social justice programs and activities the Committee has been involved with.  The Third World Coalition sub-subgroup contains correspondence, minutes and agenda, writings, reports and newsletters that document Tyree Scott and Beverly Sim’s activity in this division of the AFSC in the late 1970s.


The personal papers of Tyree Scott consist of 0.4 cubic feet of letters, financial records, extensive handwritten notes including drafts of speeches, appointment and address books, subject series and ephemera dating from 1975 to 1995.


The personal papers of Beverly Sims consist of 1.2 cubic feet of subject series, correspondence, writings, notes, and ephemera relating to Sim’s own interests and activist projects, including those related to rights of women, third world countries and native peoples.  Of particular interest is the subject file on the NGO Forum on Women held Beijing in 1995; Sims was an attendee of this conference.


The Michael Woo subgroup contains two folders of financial records, correspondence and writings concerning his activities within the UCWA.


The Labor and Employment Law Office subgroup consists of 55 cubic feet of records.  Case files make up a large portion of this subgroup, and include the Yates vs. Local 7, Domingo vs. New England Fish Company, Atonio vs. Wards Cove Packing Company, and others. Also included are correspondence, minutes, financial records, files on LELO’s work in Mozambique, slides and cassette tapes.  This material has not been fully processed, so more information on scope, content or date span of these records is not available.




These papers were donated to the Libraries by Tyree Scott in two installments on January 31st 2001 and on April 6th 2001.


Materials in Box 3 the series of Membership and Job Applications in the United Construction Workers Association subgroup – are closed until 2045.  Boxes 23 through 74, which constitute the bulk of the Labor and Employment Law Office (LELO) subgroup – are closed until processing is completed.


91 photographic prints, 81 35mm negatives and 204 35mm color slides were transferred to the Division’s Photography Collection on April 23rd, 2002.  Subjects of the photographs and negatives consist mainly of United Construction Workers Association demonstrations and events.  The slides include images from Tyree Scott and Michael Woo’s trip to China in 1975, a trip to Cuba that same year and images relating to the Ward’s Cove court case.

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Scott, Tyree



74 cubic feet

Accession No. 5245-1





Box/Folders                                                                                                                             Dates       




1                           Historical  Features                                                                                   


                             Organizational Features                                                                            


                             Incoming Letters                                                                                        1970-78


                             Outgoing Letters                                                                                         1970-76


1-2                        General Correspondence                                                                          1971-79, 1981, n.d.


2                           Minutes                                                                                                       1970-75


                             Financial Records                                                                                      1972-79, 1981, n.d.


3                           Membership and Job Applications     RESTRICTED                               


4-5                        Manpower Compliance Reports                                                               


6                           Reports                                                                                                       1972-74, n.d.


                             Speeches and Writings                                                                              1975, 1981, n.d.


                             Press Statements and Releases                                                                1970-75, n.d.


                             Surveys                                                                                                      1977


                             Discrimination Complaints                                                                         1971, 1975, n.d.


                             Fliers and Brochures                                                                                  1975-76, n.d.


                             Subject Series                                                                                            1970-79, n.d.

                                  Affirmative Action


                                  Attica/John Hill

                                  Board of Public Works Contracts

                        UNITED CONSTRUCTION WORKERS ASSOCIATION (cont’d)

                             Subject Series (cont’d)


6                                Brownie’s Art and Printing


                                  Central Contractors Association

                                  Central Seattle Community Council

                                  El Centro de la Raza

6-7                            CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act)

7                                China (Tyree Scott’s trip)

                                  Community Meeting                                                                             

                                  Community Services

                                  Compliance Officers

                                  Construction Trade Information

                                  Contract Compliance

                                  CONTROL (Contractors Organized to Lobby)

                                  Credit Union

                                  Denver (trade union conference)

                                  Employment Discrimination

                                  Employment Opportunities Center


                                  Humanities Grants

                                  Dan Hurvitz’s Paper

                                  International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

                                  International Women’s Day

                                  Joint Labor Negotiating Committee


                                  KDP – Katipunan ng mga Demokratikong Pilipino (Union of Democratic Filipinos)

                                  King-Snohomish Manpower Consortium

                                  Kirkpatrick, Ken A.

                                  Labor Laws

                                  Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights

                                  Light Brigade


                                  Machinist Training

                                  McKenzie River Gathering

                                  Metal Trade - Washington

                                  Mid-West Academy

                                  Mozambique – Film and Slideshow Presentation

8                                National Association of Minority Contractors

                                  National Conference of Christians and Jews

                                  No Separate Peace   

                                  OaklandSeattle Joint Meetings

                                  Open House

                                  Operation Breakthrough

                                  Pack Rats Association

                                  Pan American World Airways

                                  Parole and Work Release

                                  Peace Task Force

                        UNITED CONSTRUCTION WORKERS ASSOCIATION (cont’d)

                             Subject Series (cont’d)


8                                Picnic

                                  Pierce County Statistics

                                  Pittsburgh Plan

                                  Plumbers Strike – Local #32 – 1976



                                  Project Equality

                                  Protests and Actions

                                  Related Programs

                                  San Francisco


                                  Seattle. Housing Authority

8-9                            Seattle. Model City Program

9                                Seattle. Port

                                  Seattle City Council Committee

                                  Seattle City Light

                                  Seattle-King County Plan

                                  SKCYAC Summer Program (Seattle King County Youth Activities Council?)

                                  Seattle vs. Kozu

                                  Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center

                                  Southwest Workers Federation

                                  Sports Program



                                  Third World Newsreel

                                  Third World Women’s Task Force

                                  Trade Library

                                  Union Material

                                  United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement

                                    Workers of America. Local 813. Unity Caucus

                                  United Methodist Church. Commission on Religion and Race

                                  United Minority Transport Workers Association

                                  United Minority Workers

                                  United States Justice Department.

                                  United States. Labor Department

                                  United States. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

                                  United States Postal Service


                                  Washington State Manpower Planning Council

                                  Women in Construction


                             Case Files

21                              U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission vs. Local 86

                                       General Correspondence                                                                             1972-76, 1979

                                       Quarterly Reports                                                                                        1974-77, 1979-80

                                       Court Papers                                                                                                1970-78

                        UNITED CONSTRUCTION WORKERS ASSOCIATION (cont’d)

                             Case Files (cont’d)

                                  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission vs. Local 86 (cont’d)


21                                   Subject Series

                                           Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Compliance                    1977

                                           Ironworkers v. Herrick Corporation [Hayward, CA]                                1975

                                           Plasterers and Cement Masons                                                              1973-76

                                           U.S. v. Ironworkers, Local 861 – Title VII                                               1972-73


                                  UCWA v. Peter Brennan                                                                                   1974



                                  U.S. Department of Labor. Operations Manual: Contract Compliance           1976

                                  in Construction                                                                                                                                                 


9                           Register - Attendance


10                         Lists




                             Research Materials














                             Organizational Features                                                                             n.d.


10-11                    Minutes and Agenda                                                                                  1971, 1974-78




11                         General Correspondence                                                                          1972-76, n.d.


                             Minutes                                                                                                       1971-78


                             Subject Series – Education and Examinations                                          1977, n.d.


                             Attendance Records                                                                                  1975-76



11                         Miscellany


                             Special Apprenticeship Sub-Committee                                                    1972-73



                             IRONWORKERS COMMITTEE                                                               1971, 1974-77



                             AND OPERATORS COMMITTEE                                                           1971, 1974-77



                             AND PIPEFITTERS COMMITTEE                                                           1974-78



                             SHEETMETAL WORKERS COMMITTEE                                              1970, 1975-76



                             BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                                        1973-74


                        COURT ORDER ADVISORY COMMITTEE


                             Historical and Organizational Features                                                     


                             Incoming Letters

                                  Lindberg, William J, Judge                                                                    1972-78

                                  Seattle Area Plumbing and Pipefitting Apprentice and

                                    Journeyman Training Trust                                                                1970, n.d.

                                  United Construction Workers Association                                            1976

                                  A – Z                                                                                                      1971-76


                             Outgoing Letters                                                                                         1971-78


                             Intraorganizational Correspondence                                                          1971-79


                             General Correspondence of Others                                                         

                                  United Construction Workers Association                                            1970-72, n.d.

                                  Miscellaneous                                                                                        1973-76, n.d.


                             Minutes and Agenda

                                  General                                                                                                  1970-79

                                  Subcommittees                                                                                     1972-73

                                  Minutes of Others                                                                                  1976


                             Financial Records                                                                                     



                                  Monthly Reports                                                                                    1970-78

                        COURT ORDER ADVISORY COMMITTEE (cont’d)

                             Reports (cont’d)


12                              Monthly Data Sheets                                                                             1971-77

                                  Basic Data Sheets

13                              Accountants’ Reports                                                                           

                                  Reports from United Construction Workers Assoc.                            



                             Proposals and Agreements


                             Court Papers






                        UNITED INNER CITY DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION                            1971-72, n.d.


                        SOUTHWEST WORKERS’ FEDERATION


                             Organizational Features


                             Minutes and Agenda – Quarterly Advisory Board Meetings                     1973-77


                             Speeches and Writings




                             Newsletters                                                                                                            1975-76


                             Event Files – Dallas Meetings                                                                    1973


                             City Files

                                  Austin, Texas

                                  Little Rock, Arkansas

                                  Monroe, Louisiana

                                  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

                                  Pine Bluff, Arkansas

                                  Shreveport, Louisiana

                                  Tulsa, Oklahoma

                                  Tyler, Texas

                                  Waco, Texas


                             Subject Series - Wages


                        ALASKA CANNERY WORKERS ASSOCIATION                                       1973-74, n.d.





14                         Organizational Features                                                                             n.d.


                             Minutes                                                                                                       1978


                             Speeches and Writings                                                                              1977-80, n.d.








                             Subject Series                                                                                            1974-1981, n.d.

                                  Buffalo Workers Movement

                                  Cadre meetings


                                  Collapse of OCIC

                                  Five Questions


                                  Local Centers

                                  Milwaukee Conference

                                  Party Building

                                  Point 18 Conference

                                  Portland Waterways Terminal

                                  Regional Meetings

                                  Western Regional Conference on Draft Plan




                             Organizing Committee for an Ideological Center. Committee of Five      1977-78          

                             Organizing Committee for an Ideological Center.

                                  Education Committee                                                                           1979, n.d.

                             Organizing Committee for an Ideological Center.

                                  Steering Committee                                                                              1978-79

                             Bay Area Workers Organizing Committee                                                1980

15                         BOC                                                                                                           1978

                             El Comite – Movimiento de Izquierda Nacional Puertorriqueno

                                                (Movement of the Puerto Rican National Left)                      1978-79

                             Guardian Club Network                                                                             1978-79

                             Los Angeles Workers Group                                                                      1975-76

                             Milwaukee Alliance                                                                                    1978

                             National Network of Marxist/Leninist Clubs                                               1978-79

                             Pasadena Community Information Center                                                n.d.

                             Philadelphia Workers Organizing Committee                                            1973-1980






                             Seattle Workers Group

15                              Historical Features                                                                                n.d.

                                  Organizational Features                                                                        1976, n.d.                                           

                                  Incoming Letters                                                                                    1979, n.d

                                  Outgoing Letters                                                                                    1978

                                  Minutes                                                                                                  1976, n.d.

                                  Research Material                                                                                 n.d.

                                  Subject Series

                                    Class Analysis                                                                                     n.d.

                                    Criticism/Self-Criticism                                                                       n.d.

                                    Forum with Guardian Club                                                                 1978-79

                                    Marxist/Leninist Education Project                                                     1979

                                    Notes on Organization                                                                        n.d.

                                    Study Notes/Study Meetings                                                              1977, n.d.

                                    Trade Union                                                                                        n.d.

                                    United Construction Workers Association                                          n.d.

                                    Work Place Investigation                                                                    n.d.

                                    Workers Party                                                                                     n.d.

                                  Miscellany                                                                                             n.d.


                             Socialist Organizing Committee                                                                1977-78


                             End Sub-Subgroups





                             Organizational Features


                             Outgoing Letters                                                                                         1971-79


                             Intraorganizational Correspondence                                                          1972-79


16                         Minutes and Agenda                                                                                  1973-79, 1988


                             Financial Records


                             Speeches and Writings






                             News Releases


                             Job Descriptions





16                         Publications


                             Subject Series


                                  Atlanta Meeting

                                  Cummins Engine Foundation

                                  Dallas (travel information)

                                  Gay/Lesbian Program

                                  Olongopo Film

                                  Women’s Conference

                                  Women’s Program






                             Affirmative Action Committee

                             Third World Coalition

                                  Incoming Letters                                                                                    1973-79

                                  Outgoing Letters                                                                                    1976

                                  Intraorganizational Correspondence                                                     1973-79

                                  Minutes and Agenda                                                                             1975-77

                                  Speeches and Writings




                                  Subject Series                                                                                      




                                  Notes and Ephemera


                                  Labor Task Force

                                  Women’s Task Force


                             End Sub-Subgroups



                        PERSONAL PAPERS


                             Incoming Letters                                                                                        1978


                             Financial Records                                                                                      1978


                             Appointment books                                                                                    1975-78


                        PERSONAL PAPERS (cont’d)


16                         Address books                                                                                           n.d.


17                         Notes                                                                                                                     


                             Subject Series

                                  Housing Lots                                                                                          1979

                                  National Lawyer’s Guild                                                                        1976

                                  Redlining                                                                                                n.d.

                                  Southern Africa                                                                                     1985, 1995, n.d.


                             Newsletters - Communist newsletters from 1930’s (photocopies)           








                        SIMS, BEVERLY


                             Correspondence                                                                                        1975-76, 1982


                             Writings of Others                                                                                     


                             Newsletters                                                                                                            1975-76, n.d.


                             Subject Series

                                  Africa (Angola)

                                  Black Unemployed Workers Organizing Committee

                                  Campfire House

                                  Center for Law and Social Policy

                                  Central Area Motivation Program (CAMP)

                                  Committee to Save our Hiring Hall


                                  International Paper

                                  Latin America

                                  Middle East


                                  Native Americans

17-18                        NGO Forum on Women; Beijing, 1995                                                 1995

18                              Notary Public

                                  Rape Relief

                                  Resources for Community Change

                                  Seattle Liberation Coalition

                                  Study Group

                                  Venceremos Brigade

                                  Women’s Struggles

                        SIMS, BEVERLY (cont’d)


18                         Case Files

                                  Advocates for Women v. Marshall, Department of Labor                                1978-79






                             Leaflets, Fliers and Handouts








                        WOO, MICHAEL D.


                        NORTHWEST LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT LAW OFFICE  (LELO)       


                             Organizational/Historical Features                                                                1977-79, n.d.

                             General Correspondence

                                   Ford Foundation                                                                                      1974

                                   Gibbs, Douglas, Theiler, & Yarshefsky re: loan                                      1980                        

                                   John Hay Whitney Foundation                                                                1973-74

                                   Northwest Chicano Radio Network                                                        1989

                                   Public Welfare Foundation                                                                      1978-79

                                   United Farm Workers Service Center                                                    1975-76

                                   U.S. Internal Revenue Service                                                               1974-79

                                   Warsh, Herman (The Youth Project)                                                      1979-81

                                   Miscellaneous                                                                                          1973-77, 1987-90

                             Minutes & Agenda

                                   Board of Directors Meetings                                                                   1973,1977, 1987-90

                                   Executive Committee Meetings                                                              1987-88

19                               Staff Meetings                                                                                         1977-78

                             Subject Series

                                   “A Dry White Season” Film Screening                                                    1989

                                   Alternative Trade Organizations                                                              1988

                                   Comité De Apoyo A Los Trabajadores Agricolas (CATA)                      1989-90

                                   Committee for Economic Opportunity re: Port of Seattle                      1989-90

                                   Community Forum on Malcolm X                                                          1990

                                   Divestment of Seattle City Employees’ Pension Fund                           1988-90

                                   Domingo Viernes Jefferson Fund                                                           1987

                                   Justice for Janitors                                                                                  1989-90

                                   LELO Work re: Cuba                                                                              1990

                                   Oregon Reforestation Cooperative                                                         1988-91

                                   Planning for Progressive Agendas Conference                                     1990-91

                                   Port of Seattle                                                                                         1989-90       

                        NORTHWEST LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT LAW OFFICE  (LELO) (cont’d)

                             Subject Series (cont’d)


19                               Port of Seattle re: South Africa                                                               1989

                                   Puget Sound Conversion Project Sub-Lease                                         1980

                                   Seafood Workers Educational & Economic Project (SWEEP)              1987-89

                                   Title VII Project                                                                                        1975-78

                                   Udall, Morris                                                                                            1972-76

                                   U.S. Department of Labor Bid Conditions                                              ca. 1970

                                   Washington Association for Community Economic Development        1989

                                   Washington State Department of Labor and Industries’ proposal

                                    re: Children and Farm Labor                                                                 1990-91

                             Speeches and Writings                                                                                 n.d.

                             Financial Records                                                                                         1974, 1989-90, n.d.


                                   City of Seattle Amendment of Women’s and Minority Utilization

                                     Ordinance                                                                                             1989

                             Court Papers

                                   Stamps vs. Detroit Edison                                                                       1973

                             Cassette Tapes

                                   Meeting of LELO & ‘Feb. 19th Employment Coalition at the CAMP

                                      [Central Area Motivation Program] Firehouse ”                                   ca. 1993-94

                                   Rami – Dictation re: migrant seasonal labor force and minority

                                      workers in canneries (discrimination)                                                  n.d.

                             Notes                                                                                                             n.d.

                             Miscellany                                                                                                     1977, 1989, n.d.





                                   Historical Features                                                                                  n.d.

                                   General Correspondence

                                       re: Cashews, Official Documents, etc.                                              1988-90

                                       R.J. Hyslop & Associates                                                                   1991

                                       re: Tyree in Mozambique                                                                    1991

                                       Miscellaneous                                                                                     1988, 1992-95

                                   Project Files

                                       African/Northwest Construction Exchange                                        1989-91

20                                   Art Project                                                                                           1988, n.d.

                                       Cashew Project (Market Info)                                                           

                                             Market Info                                                                                   1989-90

                                             Meetings                                                                                       1987-90, n.d.

                                             Sales                                                                                             1989-91

                                       Citrus                                                                                                   1991, n.d.

                                       Fishing Plan                                                                                        n.d.

                                       Housing Rehabilitation in Maputo                                                       n.d.

                                       Medical Equipment Donation                                                             1988-90

                                       Mozambican Relief                                                                             1988

                                       Rehabilitation of Umbeluzi Production Center                                   ca. 1990

                        NORTHWEST LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT LAW OFFICE (LELO) (cont’d)

                             Mozambique (cont’d)

                                   Project Files (cont’d)


20                                   Seafood                                                                                              1991

                                       Seeds                                                                                                  1991

                                       Tazama Visit                                                                                       1990

                                       Timber                                                                                                 1990

                                       Travel to Mozambique                                                                        1988, n.d.

                                       Miscellaneous Projects                                                                       1986-88


                                   Subject Series

                                       Election Monitoring                                                                             1994

                                       Establishment of Mozambique Projects                                             1984-86

                                       Flight Delivery                                                                                     1991

                                       Glocomco Church Investors                                                              1990-91

                                       Material Aid Shipment Guidelines                                                      1988

                                       Mozambique                                                                                       1988-89

                                       Nealy, Marc                                                                                        n.d.

                                       Press Conference re: Missionaries/Renamo                                     1989

                                       Shipping                                                                                              1989-90

                                       Soderquist, Steve                                                                               1991

                                       Tyree in Mozambique                                                                         1990-91

                                       White, Tony                                                                                         1990, n.d.

                                       Wood Processing Facility                                                                   1990


                                       Revista Fiscal and Tempo                                                                  1989-90

                                   Photographs                                                                                            n.d.


                                       re: Tyree’s Work in Mozambique                                                       ca. 1990

                                   Miscellany                                                                                               1983, 1990-94, n.d.                         

20-21                    Puget Sound Development Foundation                                                        1989-90

21                         Legal Services Center                                                                                   1973-74


                             End Sub-Subgroups


                             Unprocessed papers                                                                                                          Closed

23-28                   Yates vs. Local 7

29                         Yates vs. Local 7, Yates v. Metalclad

30-33                   Yates vs. Local 7

34                         Yates Case

35                         Yates Case, other apprenticeship cases (Brown vs. JAC)

36                         Apprenticeship cases (Brown vs. JAC), Domingo vs. NEFCO correspondence.

37                         Domingo vs. NEFCO

38-39                   Domingo vs. NEFCO, Depositions A-Y, Deposition notes

41-42                   Domingo vs. NEFCO, Deposition notes, Relief stage

43-44                   Domingo vs. NEFCO, Pretrial stuff, witness files


                             Unprocessed papers                                                                                                          Closed


45                         Domingo vs. NEFCO, Witness….

46-47                   Domingo vs. NEFCO, Exhibits, settlement sheets

48-52                   Domingo vs. NEFCO, Card files, Computer printouts

52-53                   Carpenter vs. NEFCO-Fidalgo, Atonio vs. Ward’s Cove

54-56                   Atonio vs. Ward’s Cove

57-58                   Atonio vs. Ward’s Cove, details, pretrial order, settlement sheets

59                         United Cannery Case – printout, Atonio vs. Ward’s Cove, misc. – apparently Michael

                                  Fox prep.

60                         Attorney Arditi’s files, heavily Ward’s Cove case but some unrelated to UCWA and


61                         Part case files, a few LELO office files, closed cases – Arditi’s papers.  Needs review -

                                  return or shred during processing


62-63                   NEFCO and others,

64                         Court case

65                         Case files


66                         UFW, LELO

67                         UFW and other LELO

68                         UFW vs. Del Monte [possibly unrelated to UCWA, notes say “segregate these for now”],

                                  Women in Trade, UCWA vs. Local 302, Antonio Salizar

69                         UFW, Women in Trade, Antonio Salizar

70-71                   Michael Goldberg, Antonio Salizar


72                         Carpenter

73-74                   Carpenter vs. NEFCO

Box 22 does not exist.