Course # Title Next Offering Instructor(s)
Core Course
POL 561 Law & Politics  Spring 2014 Lovell
Elective Courses
SOC 599 Special Topics in Punishment & Society  Spring 2014 Beckett
POL S 566 Comparative Law & Politics Cichowski
POL S 565 Gender, Law and Int’l Politics Cichowski
GEO 574 Geography and the Law Herbert
POL S 564 Law and Social Change Lovell, McCann
POL S 565 US Supreme Court Lovell
POL S 565 Law, Labor, and Immigration Lovell
POL S 511 Human Rights and the Global Order Mayerfeld
POL S 511 Human Rights in Theory and Practice Mayerfeld
POL S 565 Rights, Politics and Power  Fall 2013 McCann
SIS/POL S 542 State and Society Migdal
POL S 555 Humanitarianism  Spring 2014 Osanloo
LSJ 510 Law & Society in Muslim Contexts Osanloo
LSJ 510 Gender & Law in Muslim Majority Societies Osanloo