Katherine Beckett
Professor, LSJ/Sociology
PhD, Sociology, UCLA, 1994
Courses: LSJ 200 – Introduction to LSJ; LSJ/SOC 376 – Drugs and Society.
Interests: Race and the regulation of drugs; politics and law of foods
Email: kbeckett@u.washington.edu
Personal website
Rachel Cichowski
Associate Professor, LSJ/Political Science
PhD, Political Science, UC Irvine, 2002
Courses:  LSJ/POL S 367 – Comparative Law and Courts; LSJ/POLS 327 – Women’s Rights as Human Rights; LSJ/POL S 428 – Women’s Rights in an Integrated Europe
Interests: Comparative law and politics; Courts and European integration
Email: rcichows@u.washington.edu
Personal website
Angelina Godoy
Professor, LSJ/Jackson School for International Studies
PhD, Sociology, UC Berkeley, 2001
Courses: LSJ/SIS 322 – Human Rights in Latin America; LSJ 490 – Health as a Human Right
Interests: Human rights in Latin America; the politics of property in international trade agreements
Email: agodoy@u.washington.edu
Personal website
Steve Herbert
Professor, LSJ/Geography; Director, LSJ
PhD, Geography, UCLA, 1995
Courses: LSJ 200 – Introduction to LSJ; LSJ/GEO 378 – Policing the City; LSJ/GEO 467 – Law, Justice and the Environment
Interests: Urban policing; environmental regulation
Email: skherb@u.washington.edu
Personal website
George Lovell
Professor, Political Science; Adjunct, LSJ
PhD, Political Science, University of Michigan, 1997
Courses: LSJ/POL S 360 – Introduction to US Constitutional Law; LSJ/POL S 361 – U.S. Courts and Civil Liberty
Interests: Politics and courts; Popular conceptions of justice
Email: glovell@u.washington.edu
Personal website
Jamie Mayerfeld
Professor, Political Science; Adjunct, LSJ
PhD, Political Science, Princeton, 1992
Courses: LSJ/POL S 320 – The Politics of International Human Rights
Interests: Political theory and human rights; International human rights institutions
Email: jasonm@u.washington.edu
Personal website
Michael McCann
Professor, Political Science; Adjunct, LSJ
PhD, Political Science, UC Berkeley, 1983
Courses: LSJ/POL S 363 – Law in Society; LSJ/POL S 420 – The Politics of Rights
Interests: Law and social movements; media, politics and the law
Email: mwmccann@u.washington.edu
Personal website
Arzoo Osanloo
Associate Professor, LSJ
PhD, Anthropology, Stanford University, 2002.
J.D. American, 1993.
Courses: LSJ 321 – Human Rights Law in Culture and Practice; LSJ 421 – Women’s Rights and Politics in Islamic Society; LSJ 425 – Domesticating International Human Rights
Interests: Rights and politics in contemporary Iran; Cultural politics of human rights
Email: aosanloo@u.washington.edu
Personal website
Carolyn Pinedo Turnovsky
Assistant Professor, LSJ/American Ethnic Studies
PhD, Sociology, City University of New York, The Graduate Center, 2006
Courses: LSJ 381 – Immigration, Citizenship and Rights; LSJ 381 – Immigration, Labor and Rights
Interests: Race, immigration, and labor; qualitative methods
Email: cpt4@u.washington.edu
Personal website
Jonathan Wender
Lecturer, LSJ/Sociology
PhD, Criminology, Simon Fraser, 2004
Courses: LSJ 375 – Crime, Politics and Justice; LSJ/SOC 376 – Drugs and Society; LSJ 480, Policing Modern Society
Interests: Policing modern urban society; phenomenology of urban violence
Email: jmwender@u.washington.edu
Personal website