Requirements & Admissions


  • GPA:  Students must maintain a 3.5 or better.
  • Courses:  Students must complete at least 3 designated CLASS graduate courses:
    1) one of which is the “core course” (Law & Politics, POLS 561, or LSJ 501),
    2) another graduate course  offered by a CLASS faculty member that is outside of the Fellow’s home department and
    3) another course of your choice offered by a CLASS faculty member .  Independent study courses cannot be substituted for any of these three courses.  For a list of CLASS graduate courses click here.
  • Analytic Paper:  Students will also satisfy the “capstone” requirement by developing an analytic paper that engages the law and society tradition.  This paper must be presented at a relevant national conference (e.g. Law & Society Association) or within the program (e.g. workshare, department colloquium, etc.).
  • CLASS Certificate Completion Form:  Upon completion of these requirements, the student must complete and submit the CLASS Certificate Completion Form, along with a current transcript, to the CLASS Center Director, Katherine Beckett,



Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  Students usually apply for the program in their first or second year of their PhD program.  The application materials include the following:

  1. Application Form: Download and fill out the Application Form.  Please email it along with the items below.
  2. Statement of Intent: This is a written explanation of the applicant’s interest in law and society studies. This statement will include a description of a) how LSJ courses will complement/supplement course work in the home unit and b) how the applicant’s research interests/agenda relates to and intersects with the law and society field. This statement is limited to 1 page.
  3. Unofficial Transcript: A recent graduate transcript indicating that the applicants’ cumulative UW GPA is 3.5 or higher.

Submitting Procedure: Please submit your application materials to Professor Katherine Beckett, CLASS Center Director:

Questions? Please contact Professor Katherine Beckett.