VirtualClaw -- a virtual machine for Clawpack

The 4.6.2 VM contains a minimal Ubuntu distribution together with various packages needed for Clawpack, including:

It should run on any operating system once you've downloaded and installed the VirtualBox software.

The VirtualClaw.vdi file in compressed form (use unzip or gunzip):

  Note: these files are about 500MB and unzip to about 1.7GB.

If you plan to use Clawpack, please also register as a user.

After starting the VM, log in as clawuser. The password is also clawuser.

Then open a terminal and view the file README.txt. See also the VM documentation

For information on how this VM was created, useful if you want to create your own, see this UW eScience Institute How-to page.

We are experimenting with the best setup for this VM. Please send any feedback or suggestions for improvement to