Clawpack 4.3 Applications

These examples should work with Clawpack 4.3.

Some of these have been adapted to work with Newer versions of Clawpack, see the gallery for more information.

The CLAWPACK Usage page contains links to various computations and papers where CLAWPACK or related software has been used, by the group at the University of Washington or by researchers elsewhere. See also the the examples that accompany the book Finite Volume Methods for Hyperbolic Problems for more applications.

CLAWPACK itself contains a number of example applications which may be downloaded, compiled, executed, and visualized with ease once the user has registered and downloaded the basic CLAWPACK software package. If you download all of claw.tar.gz from the download page, then all of these examples are in the claw/applications subdirectory. Alternatively, you need only download the basic package (clawpack.tar.gz, which unpacks to claw/clawpack) and then selectively download particular applications from the tree structure below.

The complete tree for claw/applications is rendered below. These are grouped by application domain and further subdivided by the number of spatial dimensions. Clicking on an application group will bring up a page with information common to all applications in that group. The page will also contain a link permitting download of that entire group. Clicking on an individual application will bring up a page with (eventually...) the details of that application, some typical simulation results, suggestions for further simulations and a link to download that application. Downloading at any level in the tree will present you with a tarfile containing that directory and all its subdirectories (excluding the subdirectories called www at each level, which contain the material which appears on the webpages).

Please review the copyright notice before downloading.

The claw/applications subdirectory and sample results: