Finite Volume Methods for Hyperbolic Problems


2d acoustics with a radially-symmetric solution. The data is a smooth radial hump specified in qinit.f The 1d equation with source term is solved in subdirectory 1drad to create an accurate reference solution.

Solved on a quadrilateral grid using the mapping specified in mapc2p.f. This is currently set to cover a chevron-shaped region with a grid that is not orthogonal and not smooth along one line.

The initial data on a coarser 40x40 version:

See setaux.f for a description of how grid information is stored in the aux array. Variable coefficients for the acoustics equation are also allowed, though in this example the they are constant and set in setprob.f.

The same problem is solved on a uniform grid in book/chap21/acoustics.

Sample results:

Pressure, is shown, as computed on a 100 x 100 grid

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