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      subroutine setprob
      implicit double precision (a-h,o-z)
      character*12 fname
      common /cparam/ rho,bulk,cc,zz   
      common /combc/ omega
c     # Set the material parameters for the acoustic equations
c     # Passed to the Riemann solver rp1.f in a common block
      iunit = 7
      fname = ''
c     # open the unit with new routine from Clawpack 4.4 to skip over
c     # comment lines starting with #:
      call opendatafile(iunit, fname)

c     # density:
      read(7,*) rho

c     # bulk modulus:
      read(7,*) bulk

c     # sound speed:
      cc = dsqrt(bulk/rho)

c     # impedance:
      zz = cc*rho

c     # frequency omega for boundary conditions:
      read(7,*) omega