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 Directory:   /Users/rjl/git/rjleveque/clawpack-4.6.3/matlab
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function add_patch2slice(sdir,sval,snum,xc,yc,zc, xe,ye,ze, q,level,...

% Internal matlab routine for Clawpack graphics.

% This routine adds a new patch to slice 'snum', in direction 'sdir', and sets
% various initial user defined settings.

slices = get_slices(sdir);
slice = slices{snum};

% Mask any patches that might be underneath the new patch we want to add.
if (maskflag == 1)

% Get the new patch
new_patch = create_patch(xc,yc,zc,xe,ye,ze,q,sdir,sval,contourlevels,...

% Finally add the patch to current slice, and update figure UserData.
slices{snum}{level}(end+1) = new_patch;
set_slices(sdir, slices);