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 Directory:   /Users/rjl/git/rjleveque/clawpack-4.6.3/matlab
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function set_slices(sdir,slices)

% Internal matlab routine for Clawpack graphics.

ftag = get(gcf,'Tag');

if (~strcmp(ftag,'AMRClawSlicePlot'))
  error('get_slices : Current figure does not contain slice data');

amrplot = get(gcf,'UserData');
slice_handles = amrplot.slices;

idir = findstr(lower(sdir),'xyz');
if (isempty(idir))
  error('set_slices : sdir must be equal to ''x'', ''y'', or ''z''');

slice_handles{idir} = slices;
amrplot.slices = slice_handles;