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Python scripts and modules for Clawpack

Directory claw/python

These need to be cleaned up, reorganized, and better documented...

  • [.html] Use this to start a web server at port 50005.

  • [.html] Execute "make clean" in all subdirectories of the specified directory. Useful to clean up executables, .o and .html files.

  • [.html] Execute "make clobber" in all subdirectories of the specified directory. This does "make clean" but also removes all output and plot directories.

  • [.html] Creates .html files in all directories where "make .htmls" can be used.

  • [.html] Runs all examples and creates plots files by doing "make .plots" whereever possible. If a file exists then this is executed rather than "make .plots", useful when other things need to be done as well.

  • [.html] Create galleries showing thumbnails for applications.

  • [.html] Module used by

  • [.html] Convert an application directory that works with Clawpack 4.3 to a form that works with 4.4 or 4.5. May not work perfectly, but does much of the work. Does not yet work in amr directories.