Using NetCDF output

The AMRClaw and GeoClaw codes have the option to output results in binary using NetCDF instead of the usual Format of ASCII output files.

To install netcdf

The hardest part may be installing netcdf on your computer. See for downloads and instructions.

To compile with netcdf

In the Makefile for your application directory, add the appropriate links to the FFLAGS line to tell the compiler what netcdf libraries are used and where to find them. For example, if the libraries were installed in /usr/include then this line should look like this, along with whatever other flags you need:

FFLAGS = -I/usr/include  -lnetcdf -lnetcdff

Also change the Makefile to remove the line that points to the routine valout.f in AMRClaw or to valout_geo.f in GeoClaw to the appropriate one of the following:

$(CLAW_LIB)/valout_nc.f \


$(GEOLIB)/valout_nc_geo.f \

After running the code, the output directory will contain files with names like and (for time frame 1, for example).

To plot the results

You can use the same to plot the results as usual, but you need to add the line

plotdata.format = 'netcdf'

somewhere in the setplot function.

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