Scatter plotΒΆ

Produce a scatter plot of the pressure in cell (i,j) vs. r(i,j) = distance from origin.

Example generating data: $CLAW/doc/sphinx/example-acoustics-2d/README.html

Resulting plots: $CLAW/doc/sphinx/example-acoustics-2d/plots_5/_PlotIndex.html

def setplot(plotdata):

    Specify what is to be plotted at each frame.
    Input:  plotdata, an instance of
    Output: a modified version of plotdata.


    from pyclaw.plotters import colormaps

    plotdata.clearfigures()  # clear any old figures,axes,items data

    plotfigure = plotdata.new_plotfigure(name='scatter', figno=1)

    # Set up for axes in this figure:
    plotaxes = plotfigure.new_plotaxes()
    plotaxes.xlimits = 'auto'
    plotaxes.ylimits = 'auto'
    plotaxes.title = 'Scatter plot'

    # Set up for item on these axes: scatter of 2d data
    plotitem = plotaxes.new_plotitem(plot_type='1d_from_2d_data')

    def p_vs_r(current_data):
        # Return radius of each grid cell and p value in the cell
        from pylab import sqrt
        x = current_data.x
        y = current_data.y
        r = sqrt(x**2 + y**2)
        q = current_data.q
        p = q[:,:,0]
        return r,p

    plotitem.map_2d_to_1d = p_vs_r
    plotitem.plot_var = 0
    plotitem.plotstyle = 'o'
    plotitem.color = 'b' = True       # show on plot?

    # Parameters used only when creating html and/or latex hardcopy
    # e.g., via pyclaw.plotters.frametools.printframes:

    plotdata.printfigs = True                # print figures
    plotdata.print_format = 'png'            # file format
    plotdata.print_framenos = 'all'          # list of frames to print
    plotdata.print_fignos = 'all'            # list of figures to print
    plotdata.html = True                     # create html files of plots?
    plotdata.html_homelink = '../README.html'   # pointer for top of index
    plotdata.latex = True                    # create latex file of plots?
    plotdata.latex_figsperline = 1           # layout of plots
    plotdata.latex_framesperline = 2         # layout of plots
    plotdata.latex_makepdf = True            # also run pdflatex?

    return plotdata

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