Compiling the Sphinx documentation locallyΒΆ

For most users, the best way to view the documentation is online.

This should be up to date with the current revision in the download directory.

The source files that create this documentation are included in the distribution in $CLAW/doc/sphinx.

For those who want to build it locally in order to view the documentation when offline, or for those writing better documentation, try the following:

$ cd $CLAW/doc/sphinx
$ python         # to create plots for some examples
$ python $CLAW/python/  # to make html files

$ cd $CLAW/doc/sphinx
$ ln -s $CLAW user/claw    # symbolic link so docs can find local files
$ make sphinx

and then, with the Python web server running (see Starting a Python web server) navigate to http://localhost:50005/doc/sphinx/users/.

The documentation points to some of the $CLAW/apps and $CLAW/books directories. To have all the plots available in those directories, you would need to also do:

$ python $CLAW/python/

jsMath should work properly with local documentation if you view it via the a webserver started by following the instruction in Starting a Python web server. If you plan to post documentation elsewhere for wider viewing, you need to make sure the parameters root in $CLAW/doc/load.js and jsMathscript in $CLAW/doc/ are set properly before running $CLAW/python/

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