From: Kelvin Sung
Posted At: Friday, March 23, 2007 12:48 PM
Conversation: 2007-3-22 Meeting
Posted To: 2.Meeting Minute

Subject: 2007-3-22 Meeting

On Feb 20th, Mike and Kelvin met in Kelvin’s office at about 5pm. The following are records from our discussion.


  1. We are on-track with establishing the “assignment-template”
    1. We will continue to use the “Burst-a-bubble” (AS4) and “Monte Carlo Integration” (AS2) as examples
    2. So far we have developed (refer to CVS check-in’s):

                                                    i.     Assignment description template

                                                   ii.     Grading Rubrics

    1. We have implemented AS4 in XNA that runs on XBOX 360. The basic graphics library is implemented.


  1. We discussed what need must included to complete the “assignment-template” for AS2 and AS4:
    1. Key concepts: at the beginning of each assignment description template there should be a section for specifying the key concepts. To facilitate adaptation, we should include very precise and brief phrases here e.g., for AS4: inheritance and code-reuse? Clear listing of these will help the following
    2. Pre/Post Tests: These should be short 20 minute quiz. We should set 1-2 versions of quiz for AS2 and AS4. Once we have 2a (from about listed), the pre/post tests should be more straightforward to set.
    3. Assessment Forms: for external faculty and external games expert.
    4. FAQ: a list of common mistakes and frequently asked questions
    5. Step-by-step Guide: for the XNA assignment (instruction manual for faculty and for student to follow)


  1. Action items:
    1. Mike:

                                                    i.     2a, 2b, 2d

                                                   ii.     Implementation of AS2 in C#


    1. Kelvin:

                                                    i.     2b, 2c, 2e

                                                   ii.     contact industry gaming people to participate in evaluating the games.

                                                  iii.     implement AS2 in XNA.


  1. Next Meeting: April 23rd (Monday) at 12 noon.
    1. By this meeting, we should have a draft of all of the items under 2. This would mean we will have two draft versions of template assignments.
    2. We should evaluate our assignment package.
    3. Target date for sending this package to Ruth for evaluation is late May.