From: Kelvin Sung
Posted At: Monday, June 11, 2007 4:38 PM
Conversation: 2007-6-11 Meeting
Posted To: 2.Meeting Minute

Subject: 2007-6-11 Meeting

On June 11th, Mike and Kelvin met in Kelvin’s office at 12 noon. The followings are records from our discussion.


  1. We discussed what needs to be done to complete the two assignment templates for Ruth. We have decided to work with the deadline of this Friday (June 15th) to submit the templates to Ruth
  2. We talked about pre/post tests for Monte Carlo  and Burst Bubble assignments.
  3. We discussed details for assessment form
  4. We brain storm on the other assignments, for now the assignments are:
    1. CS1: intro level: Modulus/Operator assignment
    2. CS1: intro level: Simple loop assignment
    3. CS1: mid-semester: Monte Carlo (DONE)
    4. CS1: mid/late-semester: Bouncing ball assignment
    5. CS1(late) or early CS2: Burst Bubble (DONE)
    6. CS2 (late): Adventure assignment (need further brain storming)
  5. We will meet again on 6/13 (Wednesday) at 1pm.
  6. The following are the work we will do for next meeting:



    1. Pre/Post tests for Monte Carlo Assignment
    2. Clean up the console solutions for both Monte Carlo and for Burst Bubble.
    3. Separate FAQ from grading rubric
    4. Layout the syllabus for CS1/CS2, we will use this as a road map for  mapping topic areas to our assignments.
    5. Student assignment description for the “modulus/operator” assignment.




a.       Pre/Post tests for BurstABubble.

b.       Clean up XNA solutions for both Monte Carlo and Burst Bubble.

c.       Complete the assessment form

d.       Step-by-step guide on how to develop with XNA

e.       Student description for the “modulus/operator” assignment.

If time …

f.         Implement simple loop assignment

g.       Implement bouncing ball assignment


On Wednesday, we will:

  1. Finalize the assignment templates for Ruth
  2. Compare notes for the modulus/operator assignment
  3. brain storm/clean up the adventure games assignment