From: Kelvin Sung
Posted At: Wednesday, June 20, 2007 2:50 PM
Conversation: 2006.6.20 Meeting
Posted To: 2.Meeting Minute

Subject: 2006.6.20 Meeting

On June 20th Mike and Kelvin met at Kelvin’s Office. The following are records from our discussion.


  1. The Othello assignment: we have decided this assignment is too advanced to be a “1-D array” assignment. We will keep this assignment and figure out where to place it.


  1. Ladder and Rope: instead of racing to the goal, here, players traverse the grid in search of gold. Player iterate through each grid cell, if they pass through a cell with gold, they get the points and the gold pot disappear. There are a limited set of gold pots. Each turn a player can:
    1. Roll die: get a number between 1-4 and advance by that number
    2. Take a chance: create/edit a ladder or rope
      1. if ladder/rope exists, it will be modified (type won’t change, but destination will)
      2. if ladder/rope does not exist, a random one will be created and
    3. Solution: 1-D array represent the play map, a separate smaller 1-D array of references to the gold pot.
      1. Each goldPot: pts, Location (in the map), string reference to image for drawing, and a valid flag (already taken ).
    4. Goals of assignment: 1D array of reference to objects
      1. Iterate through: (to look for an item)
      2. Edit: edit the elements of the array
      3. work with null reference in array


  1. Due this Friday:
    1. Topic-cover-schedule (in CVS/MSR_Game/ASsignmentSchedules/)
    2. Fill assignment for Mod-And-Operator
      1. Including student XNA_Description for the assignment
    3. Make sure all our links works fine in the new CVS structure.
    4. Mike will finish the above items and send Kelvin an email on Thursday night. Kelvin will package all the materials and send it to Ruth.
  2. Due next Wednesday (next meeting at 1pm on next Wednesday):
    1. Kelvin:
      1. Link list: simple pong-like bouncing game (for Help Desk link list)
      2. Rope and Ladder:
      3. For both assignment, Kelvin will finish the XNA assignment and the Student Guide.
    2. Mike:
      1. Othello assignment:
        1. include the assignment spec (pre/post test, grading rubric, etc.)
        2. porting the C++ solution to C#.
      2. LinkList: finish the assignment spec (pre/post test, grading rubric, etc.)
  3. Deadlines;
    1. Our goal is to hand Ruth LinkList (Pong-like game) and 1-D array (Rope+Ladder) by next Friday.
    2. We must work out the last game on next Wednesday.