From: Kelvin Sung
Posted At: Thursday, July 05, 2007 5:14 PM
Conversation: 2007.7.5.Meeting
Posted To: 2.Meeting Minute

Subject: 2007.7.5.Meeting

On July 5th Mike and Kelvin met at Kelvin’s Office. The following are records from our discussion.


  1. Feedback from Ruth: on Modulus. Please refer to our updated document in CVS for action items. This response will be posted on-line when we release R4.


  1. XBOX is broken. Mike is running into trouble of not able to run anything on the XBOX. This is a high priority must fix! [Kelvin]


  1. We will Re-Release MC tomorrow: actions needed for MC re-release
    1. Batch process 100 sample positions at a time (Mike)
    2. Interactive Mode: also 100 samples at a time (Mike)
    3. Update Student description (Mike)
    4. When Mike is done with abc, will inform Kelvin. Kelvin will release MC by noon.


  1. As we went through Ruth’s repeated comment on XNA version of the assignment seems too complicated, Mike pointed out that part of the problem is probably resulting from the XNA_Guide. Now we are wondering if the guide is for faculty and not students. Students just need to read the description and the Starter Project. These are CS1/2 students, extensive comments of different routines will just confuse them! This is an important observation. Kelvin will re-examine all of the guide and solutions.


  1. BinarySearchTree: XNA assignment must:
    1. Compute Height of tree
    2. Insert/Find/Remove
    3. Iterate the tree
    4. Re-balance the tree
    5. Idea for game: treasure hunt:

                                                    i.     Hero wonders around,

                                                   ii.     pick something up, if not already in backpack, can keep, otherwise cannot keep (must search, insert)

                                                  iii.     hero can “use” items (remove from tree)

                                                  iv.     if tree is too deep (compute depth), must re-balance (need to iterate into an array and then re-insert)


  1. PeriodicTable: can also do a “treasure hunt” type game
    1. A 1D arrary drawn as 2D grid
    2. Hero wonders around
    3. Different grid cell may/not have a reference to object
    4. Object can be treasure/terrain/bomb, etc.
    5. Object changes when hero “digs”, may send hero to specific cell, hero can get items


  1.  Next release dates:
    1. R5: Orthello + Re-Relase Modulus on 7/15
    2. R6: Periodic table on 7/20
    3. BST may have to wait until August.


  1. Next Meeting: 7/18 (Wednesda) at 1pm