From: Kelvin Sung
Posted At: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 10:28 AM
Conversation: 2007.9.10.Meeting
Posted To: 2.Meeting Minute

Subject: 2007.9.10.Meeting

Only September 10th Mike and Kelvin met at Kelvin’s Office. The following are records from our discussion.


Background: After the recess in August, we came back and dived right into preparing for SIGCSE. This meeting is delayed until now because of the Sep 7th SIGCSE deadline.


Moving forward: there are 3 major areas we need to concentrate on:


  1. CCSC: tutorials.
    1. GUI Tutorial:

                                                    i.     Ruth will port the tutorials posted on-line over to Java

                                                   ii.     Mike: will organize all existing materials and will present the tutorial at CCSC

    1. XBOX Tutorial:

                                                    i.     Kelvin will organize our existing materials and present the tutorial at CCSC


  1. MSR Project, class to start in 2 weeks!
    1. XBOX units and Creator’s club membership for CCC:

                                                    i.     (DONE) Delivered to CCC: 3units of

1.      XBOX + 20G HDD

2.      Wired controller

3.      VGA Cable

                                                   ii.     4X Creator’s club registration code

                                                  iii.     CCC will:

1.      install the XBOX in their 142/143 lab

2.      provide 3x monitors to connect to these XBOXes

    1. The assignments:

                                                    i.     Name changes:

1.      from “games-centric” to “concept-centric”, e.g., PongGame is a bad name for assignment, LinkedListGame, or QueueGame is a better name, this way, if we should modify the “game details” we don’t need to change assignment name.

2.      Name the assignment with some numeric prefix, to suggest continuity. We will start with 3 digits, (100, 200, 300, etc.). We can “insert” in-between assignments if needed.

                                                   ii.     In general, art: include clip arts, which means must update corresponding tutorials

                                                  iii.     NEED: response to Ruth’s comment on R5’s Othello game. We have not examined this in detailed yet.

                                                  iv.     RandomNumber assignment: the monte carlo assignment. This assignment has received low grade twice. We should replace the XNA version of this. Ideas include some kind of “random dropping” type assignment.

    1. Using in classes (in two weeks):

                                                    i.     Review our implementation plan (adopting which assignments in which quarter).

                                                   ii.     Final clean up and documentations: while many of the materials are there, we still need to “clean things up” for the class, include:

1.      debugging tricks:

2.      What else?

                                                  iii.     Assessment: we need to get Becky Reed involve to help assess

1.      “Faculty Centric Questions”:

a.      Should prepare a questionnaire for Mike Panitz to fill out during the quarter, every time after an XNA assignment, we should collect both qualitative and quantitative information regarding the adopting the assignment.

2.      “Student Centric Questions”:

a.      For students to fill out, including students reflection, pre- post- tests, etc. Can we reuse 450/451 results?

b.      Do we need a pre-course/post-course survey of students’

                                                                                                                i.     Technical knownedge?

                                                                                                               ii.     interests and enthusiasm for the discipline?

                                                                                                              iii.     Learning “satisfaction”?

c.      What kind of policy should we adopt? Should pre-post tests be counted towards grade?

d.      How much can we reuse 450 results?


  1. Games class (to be offer in Spring 2008): this is the class that we will offer in Spring 2008. We need to:
    1. Textbook: determine the textbook
    2. Assignments: determine the assignments we need (may have to develop more)
    3. Syllabus: including summary paragraph for the course and expected student learning out come

                                                    i.     Summary: learning the fundamental of programming (much like 341 description), all examples and assignments will be based on game-like interactive graphical applications

                                                   ii.     Outcome: serves as an introductory to all students, _NO_ background is expected, students have taken CSS26x or equivalent are _not_ allowed to register?

                                                  iii.     This offering: assignments will be applications running on the XBOX 360 gaming console.


By next meeting we must:

  1. Kelvin: complete
    1. All items under: 2.a.i, 2.a.ii, and 2.a.iii
    2. First past solution for 2.a.iv (we will need this when school start!)


  1. Mike:
    1. complete 1.a. (except may be Java version, if not already available)
    2. Report on status of 2.a.ii and 2.a.iii.


Next meeting: Monday 9/15 3pm, Becky Reed will attend the first part of this meeting, and we will:

  1. Discuss: 2.c.iii with Becky Goals:
    1. Design two sets of assessment instruments, one for faculty and one for students
  2. Between Mike and Kelvin: resolves all items in 2.b. and 2.c.
    1. VERY IMPORTANT: with school beginning around the corner, Mike and Kelvin must reserve time to:

                                                    i.     Kelvin: ensure all arts are well integrated in all assignments, ensure all tutorials are updated with art

                                                   ii.     Mike: ensure all supporting documentation are done (e.g., debugging tricks, etc.)