From: Kelvin Sung
Posted At: Friday, September 28, 2007 3:49 PM
Conversation: 2007.9.17.Meeting
Posted To: 2.Meeting Minute

Subject: 2007.9.17.Meeting

On September 17th Becky, Mike, and Kelvin met at Kelvin’s office. The following are records from our discussion.


  1. Assessment forms: Becky will help design assessment forms for
    1. Students:

                                                    i.     Pre/Post test: assess students’ general feel about the subject and their perceived abilities

                                                   ii.     Each assignment: assess student’s “general feeling” about the assignments

    1. Faculty:

                                                    i.     Each assignment: assess faculty’s feeling regarding

1.      time spent (extra or not) on the assignment

2.      grading difficulty (any?)

3.      faculty’s perceived student learning

  1. Assessment procedure:
    1. For both 142 and 143

                                                    i.     Pre-class student polling: assess students’ “general feeling” regarding to the class

                                                   ii.     Each assignment: (including console assignments), notice we are going to assess even the console assignments. With those results, we can compare all the information to the corresponding ones from XNA assignments.

1.      Pre-Test: before the assignment is assigned

2.      Post-Test: after the assignments

3.      Post-Polling: assess student’s “general feeling” towards the assignment


  1. Mike and Kelvin discussed about cleaning up for XNA assignments and about the new games class.