From: Kelvin Sung
Posted At: Thursday, January 31, 2008 3:09 PM
Conversation: 2008.1.31.Meeting
Posted To: 2.Meeting Minute

Subject: 2008.1.31.Meeting

On Jan 31th  Becky and Mike met at Kelvin’s office. Here is the record of the discussion:


  1. On the on-going assessment:
    1. Beck is in charge of the web-site, she enables/disables the survey site according to the deadline of the assignments.
    2. Specifics on the statistics:

                                                               i.      We should keep track of the percentage of students seeking “revision”. Although this is probably secondary-level data, it can be very interesting to compare the “average of students seeking revision” in XNA and console assignments. E.g. same assignment, no students seek for revision for console assignment, but all seek for revision for XNA assignment, then, we should figure out what is going on.

                                                             ii.      For now, we will use the “final assignment” score as reference for comparison between XNA vs. Console assignments.

    1. Pre/Post tests: A reminder for ourselves

                                                               i.      We should try: to make pre/post test to have similar rubric, e.g., pre-test is out of 5 points, then it is easier to compare if post-test is also out of 5 points. Though, we understand in general this can be difficult to implement for every single pre/post pair.

                                                             ii.      This one is a must: for the same assignment, XNA and Console versions MUST use the same pre/post test pair.

    1. The group will meet again on Feb 21 to continue to monitor the assessment effort.
    2. Becky suggested: we should actively go lobby for students to take CSS290.
    3. Becky left the meeting.
  1. CSS290:
    1. We went over the materials for Assignment 1,

                                                               i.      Mike thinks this makes sense.

                                                             ii.      Mike will take his sample syllabus and try to work out some lecture materials based on the materials associated with Assignment 1.

    1. Kelvin will continue to work on assignment materials

                                                               i.      Array & Loops: multiple bees flying around

1.       Here we should demo to students the strength of using C# over GameMaker: e.g.,  we can “attract” the closest flying bee into the net, or we can “attract” all bees that are close enough into the net, in effect having a insect vacuum

2.       Or, we can attract only the closet “2” bees into the net.

3.       The point is, we have lots of flexibilities!

                                                             ii.      Functions:

1.       Should look at GameMaker Scripts: equivalence of functions in XNA?

                                                            iii.      Objects:

1.       what is the counter example in GameMaker? May be they are using “object” all along?