From: Kelvin Sung
Posted At: Friday, January 04, 2008 2:50 PM
Conversation: 2008.1.4.Meeting
Posted To: 2.Meeting Minute

Subject: 2008.1.4.Meeting-PartI

On Jan 4th Becky, Mike, and Kelvin met in Kelvin’s office, the following are the record from our discussion.


  1. Assessment procedure/results from Fall 2007:
    1. The survey results were inconsistent, we are missing many results
    2. The FLOOD on the last day (final exam day) of class further confused/complicated everything.
    3. We summarize our initial attempt at collecting feedback as: Confusing and Chaotic.
  2. Analyzing what we have done, we have learn:
    1. Clarity of instructions: initially due to the amount of information we are trying to collect, e.g., the number of surveys, how to collect (paper, vs. on-line, beginning vs. end of class), and for two different classes, our confusing probably caused students to be even more confused. This must be fixed, this quarter:
    2. Clarity of due dates: it is important to give students a firm deadline, otherwise, the response will trickle in over the entire semester.
    3. Clarity of penalty: it is important to convey to students that the survey is an integral part of their assignment, without filling out the survey, they will loose credits!


  1. To be clear (to re-iterate): here are the information we are collecting:
    1. For each student:

                                                               i.      Academic results:

1.       Mid-Term Exam score

2.       Final Exam score

3.       For each assignment: (there are 4 sets of these)

a.       Pre-Test

b.       Post-Test

c.       Initial Score

d.       Final revised score (second submission)

                                                             ii.      Surveys:

1.       Pre-Course Survey

2.       Post-Course Survey

3.       For each assignment: Post assignment survey (4 sets)

    1. For faculty:

                                                               i.      Effort Survey for each assignment.


  1. The following are things we must do ASAP to consolidate results from Fall 2007:
    1. Mike:

                                                               i.      organize and fill in the per-assignment faculty survey (3bi) and send the surveys to Kelvin for storage in CVS

                                                             ii.      go over emails from last quarter and fill in the FAQs of the games assignment in the CVS.

                                                            iii.      Send academic results (3ai) to Becky

    1. Becky:

                                                               i.      Update the pre-course survey form and send the form to Mike (for update in the web-site) and Kelvin (for storage in CVS)

                                                             ii.      Merge the information from 4a into the survey excel sheet. Becky will then destroy all students names and send the name-less Excel sheet to Kelvin (for storage in CVS).


  1. For Winter quarter, this is what we will do:
    1. First day of class:

                                                               i.      Mike will:

1.       Show students the “opt-out” letter and re-iterate that surveys are part of the regular course requirement. But participating in research is optional and students can “opt-out” by sending Becky email. Important to stress Mike will not know who is/not participating in the research.

                                                             ii.      Becky will:

1.       attend the first day of class

2.       Assign a pseudo name to each student

3.       Watch the students fill out the pre-course survey form

    1. Surveys:

                                                               i.      on-line: all surveys will be on-line (Mike will make sure the web-pages are ready)

                                                             ii.      Due dates: all post- surveys are due 2-days after the assignments are due (Post course survey should be done 2-days after the final exam).

                                                            iii.      Penalty: Mike will make sure the due date and credit is clearly indicated on the assignment grading rubric so students understand the importance of this.


  1. Next meeting: we will meet again on Jan 31 (Thursday) at 1pm. This is one week after the first assignment is due. We will meet again to re-assess how the assessment is working (or not).