From: Kelvin Sung
Posted At: Friday, January 04, 2008 3:38 PM
Conversation: 2008.1.4.Meeting
Posted To: 2.Meeting Minute

Subject: 2008.1.4.Meeting-PartII

On Jan 4th, after the reflection on assessment procedure/results, Becky left the meeting while Mike and Kelvin continued the discussions on the state of the project:


  1. Assignments: we must ensure the assignments are in final state by GDCSE. Here are things we must do:
    1. By this weekend: re-Release 100 + 200

                                                               i.      Mike:

1.       clean up issues associated with 200 (refer to the DeliverableStatus.xls document).

2.       send BinarySearch tree abstraction prototype to Kelvin for 700.

                                                             ii.      Kelvin: after Mike is done, Kelvin will prepare and release the assignment for Ruth’s evaluation.

    1. By Jan 17 (Thursday): target to release 300 + 600

                                                               i.      Mike:

1.       300 + 600 student starter projects

2.       Update the console information on 300+600 in the DeliverableStatus.xls document.

                                                             ii.      Kelvin:

1.       Window size self adjustment: adjust window width based on display environment.

2.       Button event: instead of sampling button state, reply events (down event): is this possible?

3.       Collision support? Collision between rectangle/circle, rectangle/rectangle, and circle/circle.

4.       Complete first draft of 700

5.       600: tutorial implementation

6.       300/600: tutorial documentation


  1. New games class:
    1. Textbook: we will have two

                                                               i.      Book on programming concept (Mike to make final decision on this)

                                                             ii.      Book on GameMaker (Kelvin have ordered reference, should be here in a week or so).

    1. Approach:

                                                               i.      Will follow the approach where students use GameMaker build games and then program the functionality.

                                                             ii.      We will follow Mike’s BIT115 where we will create initial trace/debug cases for students to familiarize with programming and the IDE.

                                                            iii.      We will develop sufficient materials for the first 4 weeks, and then work on new materials depending on class response. Materials include:

1.       Trace/Debug examples (Kelvin will refer to Mike’s BIT115 and probably adopt from there)

2.       Programming assignments: we probably need 2 assignments.

3.       GameMaker examples: we should need a few examples and 2 GameMaker assignments.

    1. Deadline:

                                                               i.      By Jan 17: Kelvin will: develop some XNA-based Trace/Debug examples based on Mike’s BIT 115


  1. Next Meeting: Jan 17th (Thursday) at 1pm.