From: Kelvin Sung

Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 5:25 PM

To: Kelvin Sung; 'John Nordlinger'

Cc: 'Ivan Lumala'

Subject: Award Number: 15871 - February 2007 Progress Report (XNA Based Games-Themed Programming Assignments)


Re:       Award Number: 15871: February 2007 Progress Report

(XNA Based Games-Themed Programming Assignments)


In February 2007, we accomplished the followings:


1.     Meeting with external faculty evaluator: Met with Dr. Ruth Anderson agreed in principal the approach and process to evaluation of the course ware materials. Ruth will evaluate both the assessment instruments and the course wares.

2.     C# port of UWBGL: recruited student and began working on C# port of UWBGL. There are two important objectives in this work:

a.     Understanding the XNA technology

b.     Adapting of UWBGL in supporting XNA-based assignments

3.     Programming assignments: we have started the detail mapping of Mikes CS1/2 courses to ACM curricula 2001. We are in the process of identifying both topic areas and expected demonstrable competencies. To ensure our understanding of the mapping, we have chosen two of Mikes existing assignments and are going through the exercise of:

a.     identify defined competencies

b.     relate to the actual programming concepts involve

c.     specify the technical requirements for students

d.     design gaming-based version of the assignments

This is our prototype effort in designing the assignments. We will learn from this exercise and apply our experience in the next round.

4.     In March:

a.     Complete the exercise of item 3 from above

b.     Based on the results from item 4a, start prototyping assessment instruments and obtain feedback from Ruth.

c.     Develop workshop on event-driven-based programming proposal to CCSC-2007. Both Mike and Ruth are interested in participating. We will describe the foundational concepts and demonstrate implementations in MFC/WinForm/Swing/FLTK and show how the XNA framework also implements the same concept.