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Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 3:12 PM

To: John Nordlinger

Cc: Ivan Lumala; Kelvin Sung

Subject: Award Number: 15871 - Jan 2008 Progress Report (XNA Based Games-Themed Programming Assignments)

Attachments: SIGCSE Pre-Conference Workshop ...


Re:       Award Number: 15871: Jan 2008 Progress Report

(XNA Based Games-Themed Programming Assignments)



Over the past month we have accomplished:


  1. Journal of Game Development (JOGD): Our submission to JOGD is accepted! Though with significant reviewers comments. In sum, some reviewers believe (understandably so), that our work is on-going and thus is a little too early for Journal publication. However, we agree with the other reviewers and the editor that even at this early stage there are interesting aspects and results that are well worth publication. We are currently working on the revision for the paper.
  2. In classroom assessment: this is on-going, progresses well and strong.
  3. Faculty reviewer: we have recruited an additional faculty from WSU-Vancouver (Scott Wallace) to be our faculty reviewer. Professor Wallace is a PI of a NSF sponsored project on building java-based games engine. Having him on our team significantly increases the credibility of our results.
  4. XNA Assignments: we have released all (6) of the assignments, current waiting on reviews from faculty reviewers.
  5. An additional XNA assignment: we started review/refine the framework for the assignment modules. Our approach to this refinement is by using the framework in designing a new assignment. This last assignment is on Binary Search Tree. This work is progressing surprisingly well. The module framework has proven to be well structured such that the work involved in adding new module is significantly less than previous ones. This last assignment module is about 80% complete.
  6. SIGCSE and GDCSE workshop: I worked with Kent Foster and Marla Ellis on the details of SIGCSE pre-conference workshop and have proposed a draft schedule (please refer to the attached).
  7. XNA-based introductory programming class with games: we have completed the planning for this class and are currently working on the courseware materials. We plan to institute similar assessment instruments and collect feedback from students. We hope this work will turn out to be another SIGCSE paper this coming year.
  8. Center for G4L: working with colleague from UWS in articulating/planning for the proposal.