From:                                                       Kelvin Sung

Posted At:                                               Wednesday, October 01, 2008 5:41 PM

Conversation:                                        2008.10.1.Meeting

Posted To:                                              2.MeetingMinutes


Subject:                                                   2008.10.1.Meeting


On Oct 1st Mike and Kelvin met in Kelvin’s office, this is what we discussed:


1.       Project status update: the release is now working, Mike will spend Fall quarter refine the text and include more diagrams where needed. Kelvin is working with Microsoft in paving ways for dissemination of our results.


2.       Continue assessment: we should continue assess students feedback/progress on using the XGA materials, this is especially interesting because this quarter in Mike’s class, students have a choice between console-based vs. XNA-assignments. Kelvin will work with UWB TLC to arrange for collecting anonymous student feedback, here are the issues we must address:

a.       Mechanics, Mike will continue to host the on-line collection of feedback.

b.      Anonymous feedback, we will try to continue with the idea of  giving student half of paper with their names on so they know what are their pseudonyms for the quarter.

c.       We will remind students the “opt-out” options and provide them with the contact information of TLC person.

d.      On next Wednesday (10/8), TLC person should be ready to show up at 7:40pm for the ending of one class and stay till 8:10pm for the following class to brief students.


3.       CCSC-Workshop: we like the outline:

a.     5 minutes:  Intro to XNA [Kelvin]

b.     10 minutes: How to use XGA AssignmentBase (e.g., a bouncing ball) [Kelvin]

c.     20 minutes: Here are two examples BST and 100 [Mike]

                                               i.     Emphasize on BST is clean while

                                              ii.     100 is messy and “fill-in-the-blank”

d.     20 minutes: Have participants design an assignment of their own [Mike]

                                               i.     We probably should set some guideline for them?

e.     15 minutes: each group present/discuss what they have done [Mike + Kelvin]


4.       CCSC-Workshop details:

a.       Mike remind ourselves that we should elaborate on “gradual integration”

b.      We agree that, for item 3c, we should provide background and guide for item 3d:

                                                               i.      Guide for designing game-themed assignments

                                                             ii.      Guide for implementing game-themed assignments

c.       In the CCSC-workshop, because of the time limitation, the workshop will not have time to actually implement the assignments, but we should be preparing for SIGCSE, just in case our proposal is supported.