From:                                                       Kelvin Sung

Posted At:                                               Monday, December 29, 2008 5:47 PM

Conversation:                                        2008.12.29.Meeting

Posted To:                                              2.MeetingMinutes


Subject:                                                   2008.12.29.Meeting


On Dec. 29th Mike and Kelvin met in Kelvin’s office, this is what we discussed:


1.       Survey status:

a.       XGA assignment: Mike reported that between 5-10 students from Fall 142/143 class chose to work with some of the XGA assignments. The interesting thing is, some students choose to work with some of the XGA assignments, but not the same students and not the same assignments. Since all statistics are collected, this presents some very interesting results that we can review later.

b.      Survey: Pre-, Post-Course surveys were done, and per-assignment surveys were done. So, we have all the information.


2.       Winter 2009:

a.       Mike will be teaching 143 in UW-T so all will be quiet during Winter.

b.      Get Ruth Anderson involve to review the XGC1 materials.

c.       We will meet a few times to iron out the following.


3.       Spring 2009:

a.       Mike will teach 142: Here is a brief plan:

                                                               i.      Students will be required to listen to lecture-recording before classes

                                                             ii.      In class, time will be devoted to answering questions

                                                           iii.      In class, time will be devoted to quiz

                                                           iv.      Additional materials: in the form of XGC1 (as an additional motivation for students to learn the programming fundamental), XGC1 examples will be presented and students will be encouraged to explore.

                                                             v.      Students will be poll every other week on the XGC1.

b.      Action Items:

                                                               i.      Meeting: TLC + Robin Rider + Mike + Kelvin: iron out what questions we want to ask the students.

                                                             ii.      Figure out if it makes sense to get Robin to record students learning/working with XGC1.


4.       Next:

a.       Verizon Foundation: use XGC1 to intrigue K-12 teachers/students

                                                               i.      Deadline: Jan 15 2009


b.      Microsoft and MSR: Put together a proposal to MSR on using XGC1 in K-12 classes (as part of the Verizon Foundation proposal), we think, MSR, XBOX, Zune, XNA, … among other groups may be interested in this work.

                                                               i.      Deadline: Jan 2009.


c.       NSF:

                                                               i.      CCLI + ATE: platform/language independent platform for XGC1 and XGA

1.       ATE deadline: April, 2009

2.       CCLI deadline: May 2009


                                                             ii.      ITEST: as part of Verizon Foundation proposal

1.       Deadline: Jan 12 or 19 2009