From:                                                      Kelvin Sung

Posted At:                                             Tuesday, May 27, 2008 5:06 PM

Conversation:                                      2008.5.27.Meeting

Posted To:                                             2.MeetingMinutes


Subject:                                                  2008.5.27.Meeting


On May 27th, Mike and Kelvin met in Kelvin’s office, this is what we discussed:


  1. Target textbook, we will use two textbooks as our target for developing lab-workbook, ensuring the materials we generate are portable. The textbooks are
    1. Tony Gaddis, Starting Out With Programming Logic and Design
    2. Deitle and Deitle, How to Program C#
  2. Chapters: in both of the books we will cover materials through and _before_ file IO.
  3. Structure of our results will be similar to the XGA Workshop where we will have
    1. Links to all chapters
    2. Each Chapters will have links to all examples
    3. Each Example will include source code, and step-by-step guide in developing the example and using the example
    4. Exercise and self-test questions at the end of each chapter.
  4. We discussed the new approach
    1. “breadth-first” approach where we will use beginning of October as deadline and develop materials for all the chapters
    2. We will send out our materials for review in October and begin refining during the fall quarter
  5. We will start out by developing 5-10 examples and start documenting these examples. Goals:
    1. Set standard for developing future modules