From:                                                      Kelvin Sung

Posted At:                                             Wednesday, June 11, 2008 3:55 PM

Conversation:                                      2008.6.10.Meeting

Posted To:                                             2.MeetingMinutes


Subject:                                                  2008.6.10.Meeting


On June 10th Mike and Kelvin met in Kelvin’s office, this is what we discussed:


  1. Progress:
    1. Set up GTC1 CVS module
    2. XNACS1Lib:     

                                               i.     first version developed

                                              ii.     first rough draft documentation included

                                             iii.     Feature to consider:

1.     more elaborate font/text output support: including change of color, size, and output locations. This is a really important issue, at this point we will defer this request, waiting on XNA V3 and “when we have time” later.

2.     Y-axis direction: with GameMaker’s y-pointing downwards, we discussed if we should also support Y-axis direction pointing downwards. We have decided against this idea.

    1. 1000: this is mostly a list of requirements such that students can start working XNACS1Lib.

                                               i.     Mike pointed out we really do not need to go into any of the details of raw XNA, it is simply too much details for students.

                                              ii.     We expect this list to evolve as we complete the examples for 2000.


    1. 2000: generally map to Chapter 2 of the text

                                               i.     We should include one extra column in the “map-to” document to support a second textbook.


  1. Debug support: we should document how to debug pay specific attention to debugging in real-time environment.


  1. Moving forward:
    1. Html: we have decided against developing elaborate web-page support. Instead we understand we will have to pay extra maintenance cost later.
    2. Schedule: we will start working in June, with the expectation that the bulk of the development work to happen later in the Summer. Late July, August, and early September will be the peak of our development!


  1. Responsibilities: based on the above results, we roughly define our responsibilities as
    1. Kelvin:

                                               i.     develop examples

                                              ii.     create index.html files

                                             iii.     Develop solution for the problems listed by Mike (4bii)

    1. Mike:

                                               i.     Complete the documentation for 4aii, including figures and code fragments

                                              ii.     Develop exercises at the end of the documentation


  1. Kelvin: should try to complete all examples in 2000 before his absences on June 25th.