From:                                                      Kelvin Sung

Posted At:                                             Friday, September 05, 2008 1:27 PM

Conversation:                                      2008.9.3.Meeting

Posted To:                                             2.MeetingMinutes


Subject:                                                  2008.9.3.Meeting


On Sep 3rd Mike and Kelvin met in Kelvin’s office, this is what we discussed:


1.     Schedule: before school begins in September, we will complete the following items:

a.     Materials:

                                               i.     Done with all chapters currently in CVS

                                              ii.     MVC + rest of Chapter 1

                                             iii.     Library: Finalize + documentation + tutorial

b.     Support for Evaluation:

                                               i.     Faculty evaluation:

1.     Forms

2.     Person1: Ian Bogost (Georgia Tech)

3.     Person2: Ruth Anderson

                                              ii.     In classroom:

1.     Pre-/Post- course

2.     Student opinion

3.     What else can we use to assess?

c.     TLC Support: Kelvin will figure out support from TLC for first day and for entering the data


2.     Using the materials in class:

a.     142: Fall 2008 and Spring 2009:

                                               i.     Survey: Pre- and Post- Course Survey will be used.

                                              ii.     GTC1: Integrate GTC1 materials when appropriate

                                             iii.     Assignment: a subsets (e.g., 2 of 4) of assignments will be available in XGA

1.     Choice: students have the choice of doing graphics or console assignments

2.     Assessment: When XGA assignments are used: the entire set of assessment instrument will be instrumented (pre/post tests, post assignment opinion)

3.     MUST: need to create two versions of post-assignment opinion to differentiate      between console and XGA students.

b.     143: Fall 2008 (and Spring 2009?): 143 do everything as above in 142, only difference is unclear if integration of GTC1 materials is possible, GTC1 materials meant for CS1.


3.     Contact Reed Stevens: we should list out the 142 learning outcomes and go talk to Reed, by early next week.


4.     Workshop for CCSC: this is what we will do:

a.     A: 5 minutes:  Intro to XNA [Kelvin]

b.     B: 10 minutes: How to use XGA AssignmentBase (e.g., a bouncing ball) [Kelvin]

c.     C: 20 minutes: Here are two examples BST and 100 [Mike]

                                               i.     Emphasize on BST is clean while

                                              ii.     100 is messy and “fill-in-the-blank”

d.     D: 20 minutes: Have participants design an assignment of their own [Mike]

                                               i.     We probably should set some guideline for them?

e.     E: 15 minutes: each group present/discuss what they have done [Mike + Kelvin]


5.     Game-Maker class in Spring 2009

a.     Mike has the wonderful idea of having CSS students mentor and help non-major students

b.     We decided one approach would be list two classes (e.g., 290 and 390) for this class

c.     CSS major students will take CSS390, non-major take CSS290

d.     Students in two classes will be put into the same group working on the same project, but will be graded based on different criteria

e.     Kelvin will ask CSS admin if this is something we can support.