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On Jan 16th Mike, David, Robin, and Kelvin met in UW1-391, this is what we discussed:


1.       XGA (results from last year), Kelvin described the XGA project from last year, and discussed how the on-going XGC1 project relate to last yearsí XGA effort, in particular:

a.       IRB approval: we need record video and audio.

b.      Material evaluation form: this is very domain specific (to CS)

c.       Surveys:

                                                               i.      For adopting faculty

                                                             ii.      Students: Pre/Post surveys


Regarding XGC1, we discussed issues concerning:


2.       IRB: now we will record audio and video information on the students. We need to understand and get additional IRB consent.

3.       Robinís record and assessment methodology requirements:

a.       record students working with a problem (digital video camera)

b.      at the same time, capture studentsí on-screen materials

c.       analyze the information

4.       Survey, our existing survey forms are ad. Hoc. Though the general questions make some sense, we should refine the questions.


Action Items:


       Kelvin: Figure out IRB details

       Mike: Design same examples/problems for students to work to allow Robinís study (#3), include sample questions students should answer when working with this examples in class.

       David: Take the lead in refining the survey forms, will find and work with another faculty member from IAS.

       Robin: define what are the exact equipment needs to support 4-sets of parallel study of student working with the examples.



       Teaching of classes: Mike teach in Spring 2009, Wednesday evening. Robin has evening classes in Spring quarter, we hope no clashes!!

       Next meeting, we will meet again in 2-weeks