From:                                                       Kelvin Sung

Posted At:                                               Wednesday, January 28, 2009 12:08 PM

Conversation:                                        2009.1.27.Meeting

Posted To:                                              2.MeetingMinutes


Subject:                                                   2009.2.19.Meeting


On February 19th, Robin, David, Mike, Cinnamon, and Kelvin met at UW1-361, this is what we discussed:


1.      Classroom recording Software: Robin pointed out two software that we can use potentially

a.       CamtStudio:  

b.      Debut:

c.       Robin have no admin access to her laptop and thus did not have the opportunity to test out test software. But they both look acceptable.

d.      Action Items: 

1.       Robin: will get admin access to her laptop and try out the above software systems and decide on one.

2.       Mike: will get CCC IT department to install both of the software on their lab machines. We hope one of these software will be usable. If it turns out we need another software, we will work with that.


2.       Classroom recording equipment: With the above software, for each recording we would need:

a.       Camera with tripod (or some kind of stand): a simple 1-2 M pixel camera should be sufficient

b.      Microphone

c.       Harddrive or thumbsticks?

d.      The idea is we will record directly to digitally.

e.       Action Items:

1.       Kelvin: Go get one set of equipment

2.       Mike and Kelvin: figure out how to get the equipment working at CCC.


3.        Classroom recording procedure:

a.       Groups: we have decided that we should record all of the students that do not opt out being recorded and will randomly choose three (3) groups for study.

b.      Exercises: we will record 3 sets of exercises.


4.       Classroom record schedules:

a.       First day visit: to announce to students about the project and their option of opting out.

1.       Action Items:

1.       Mike: Identify exact date and time

2.       David (or Robin) will go to Mike’s class.

b.      Exercise schedules: we need to know the exact three days where the recording will occur.

1.       Action Items:

1.       Mike: report back with the exact date and time

2.       Mike: to find out the labs availability for setups before the his class so that we can setup the lab for recording

2.       Later, responsibilities:

1.       Kelvin + Mike: equipment setup for the recording on those days

2.       Robin: supervise the recording section on those days


5.       Survey forms: Cinnamon reported on her research into computer science survey forms and found appropriate candidates with validated results. Cinnamon pointed out that we would need to filter/customize the forms to reflect on the “game-themed” aspect of our study.

a.       Action Items:

1.       Cinnamon: will combine and filter the survey forms into our own pre- and post- course surveys.


6.       Exercises: we need to include explicit goals for each of the exercises, these goals should fall into two categories:

a.       Technical learning goals (Action Item: Mike to specify)

b.      Non-technical objectives (Action Item: Kelvin to specify)


7.       Next meeting:

a.       Thursday (2/27) at 12 noon

b.      Room: UW1-361

c.       We will meet again to address/discuss the above action items.