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On February 26th, Cinnamon, David, Robin, and Kelvin met at UW1-361, this is what we discussed:


1.       Spring quarter classroom assessment setup: Thanks to the great effort from Robin, we have a solution for this now. This we have decided this is what we will use:

a.       Screen capture: Debut ( recording directly to hard drive.

b.      Separate Web-cam for observerís view: also recording directly to hard drive, we will use this as our audio channel.

c.       Details:

                                                               i.      Robin did a simple experiment: it takes about 200-MegaByte avi file to record 50 minutes or Debut screen capture.

                                                             ii.      Update from Mike:

1.       CCC will loan us their Web-cam (they have 6)

2.       We will record directly to the lab-machines or CCC network drives.

3.       These mean, we will _not_ need any extra hardware!

d.      Action Item: Kelvin and Mike will meet to test out the setup. We must determine:

                                                               i.      Network drive:

1.       Speed: fast enough?

2.       Permission setup: student write-only, Mike can read from

                                                             ii.      Local writable drive: where is it?


2.       Opt-out procedure: we think it is important to brief students on the first day about the project and recording. From Mike, we understand we must brief students twice, once at 5:45pm, the second time at 8pm. At this point, one of the following will happen on Wednesday April 1st:

a.       Option a:

                                                               i.      5:45pm: Robin will go to Mikeís classroom to brief students about opting out

                                                             ii.      8:00pm: David will go to Mikeís classroom to brief

b.      Option b:

                                                               i.      Robin will go for both 5:45pm and 8pm (if David should be out of town) on April 1st.

c.       Action Items:

                                                               i.      Mike: find out where is the classroom.

                                                             ii.      David: will you be in town on April 1st?


3.       Pre- and Post- Survey procedure: we will use Catalyst Web Survey for this purpose. Details as follow:

a.       Collect students email address: On April 1st: when David/Robin brief students, will make then send their email address to TLC (make students send their email right then and there!!). With studentsí email address, we can control/restrict the access to the survey.

b.      TLC will help set up web-survey, with studentsí email address we can control who can take the survey.

c.       We will include email address field on the survey to allow TLC match students pre- and post-course surveys. Only TLC will have access to this email information and TLC will remove this information before handing the survey results to rest of the team.

d.      Action Item:

                                                               i.      David: type in the survey questions and set up the web-survey (waiting on Cinnamonís finalized survey forms).

                                                             ii.      Mike: will dedicate credits to students completion of the survey!

                                                           iii.      Make: please identify the dates for Pre- and Post-


4.       Survey Form: thanks to the great effort from Cinnamon, the survey form is coming together very well. We have provided feedback to Cinnamon, and Cinnamon will:

a.       Action Items:

                                                               i.      Cinnamon: Update the form: could vs. can. To include Q2 and Q3 from our previous form.

                                                             ii.      Cinnamon: Create two version of the forms, one suitable for pre- and one for post-survey.

                                                           iii.      Mike: Would you have time to let students fill out the survey in class? It will probably take between 20-30 minutes and we need to do the survey twice.


5.       Class room recording:

a.       Record 6 groups of students (since CCC only has 6 web-cams), this is different from what we discussed previously of recording all students, I am thinking 6 will be plenty, and if we simply set up the cameras before the first recording, students can self-select to work in the camera.Do people think this is ok?

b.      Record 3 sets of exercise.

c.       Action Item: none. All resolved.


6.       Classroom recording dates: the dates where we will perform the actual recording.

a.       Action items: Mike: report back with the exact dates, time, and classroom.

b.      Action items: Mike: we need about 20-30 minutes before class to set up the recording equipment, will we have access to the classroom for 20 minutes before your class?


7.       Exercises: we need to include explicit goals for each of the exercises, these goals should fall into two categories:

a.       Technical learning goals: (Action item: Mike to specify)

b.      Non-Technical learning goals, measurement/observation relating to:

                                                               i.      Interests level

                                                             ii.      Resilience level (continuously attempt the problems)

                                                           iii.      Frustration level


8.       Important dates/time/location/who:

a.       April 1: Initial visit for opting out and Pre-Course survey

                                                               i.      Time: 5:45 and 8:00

                                                             ii.      Location: Mike?

                                                           iii.      Who: Mike + Robin (at 5:45) + David (at 8pm) + Cinnamon for overlooking the Pre-Course survey?

b.      Date? For first exercise

                                                               i.      Time: 5:00pm (to begin setup)

                                                             ii.      Location: Mike?

                                                           iii.      Who: Mike + Kelvin + Robin

c.       Date? For second d exercise

                                                               i.      Time: 5:30pm (to begin setup)

                                                             ii.      Location:?

                                                           iii.      Who: Mike + Kelvin + Robin

d.      Date? For second d exercise

                                                               i.      Time: 5:30pm (to begin setup)

                                                             ii.      Location:?

                                                           iii.      Who: Mike + Kelvin + Robin

e.       Date? For post-course survey

                                                               i.      Time:?

                                                             ii.      Location:?

                                                           iii.      Who?