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On March 18th, Cinnamon, David, Robin, Mike, and Kelvin met to discuss action items from our previous meeting and the CCLI/ATE proposals.


Here are the summary of action items:

1.       Mike, Robin, and Kelvin: On Wednesday (3/25): at 12 noon will meet at CCC-231 and re-test and re-confirm that recording equipment is working well.

2.       Cinnamon update survey forms and send the updated Survey Form to David.

3.       David will enter the survey form to online catalyst survey.

4.       Mike: Report back:

a.       if we can have access to CCC-231 30 minutes before his class to setup the equipment

b.      Dates and exercises for each of the three recordings we will be doing!


Here are the details of discussion on NSF CCLI/ATE proposals:

1.       CCLI: will be based on the XGCS1 library

a.       Kelvin and CSS students: develop the library for Java/C++/Python, and port existing materials to different the different languages.

b.      In house assessment expert: David (TLC)

c.       Independent Evaluator: Jessica Bayliss (RIT)

d.      Support letters for quality of existing materials in C#:

                                                               i.      U of Guadalajara Prof: Dr. Victor M. Larios Rosillo (

                                                             ii. from Oregon Institute of Technology

                                                           iii.      Tiffney Barns: UNC-Charlotte

                                                           iv.      Jon A Preston ( used the C# material, potential as adopter for C++ and/or Java.

                                                             v.      CC MSR workshop participants?

e.       Support letters for using/adopting materials:

                                                               i.      Alice Peters: AK Peters for publishing

                                                             ii.      Joanne Selinski: (met at SIGCSE 2009)

                                                           iii.      Brent Wilson (

                                                           iv.      CC people who will use C++ or Java

f.        Action Item: Kelvin to write a 2-page abstract to circulate.


2.       ATE: Take the multilingual CCLI XGCS1 library:

a.       Identify 3-4 CC faculty

                                                               i.      Mike from CCC

                                                             ii.      Barbara Goldner (C++, North Seattle)

                                                           iii.      Dendi Hanson (Olympic College to give diversification?)

                                                           iv.      Michael Gelotte (Java? BCC, with Music background)

                                                             v.      May be a couple more?

b.      Organize workshop for these faculty

                                                               i.      These faculty will develop their own modules

                                                             ii.      Evaluate/critique each otherís modules

c.       Use the modules in classroom: Robin, Cinnamon, and David help in assessments

d.      Should take a closer look of K-12 angle:

                                                               i.      E.g. parallel workshop for high-school teachers where the CCC faculty will develop modules (as a way of practice) for the high-school teachers?


Here are the details for our Spring study:


1.       Spring quarter classroom assessment setup:

a.       Screen capture: Debut ( recording directly to hard drive.

b.      Separate Web-cam for observerís view: also recording directly to hard drive, we will use this as our audio channel.

c.       Details:

                                                               i.      Estimated size: 50 minutes Debut screen capture takes about 200MB.

                                                             ii.      CCC will loan us their Web-cam (they have 6)

                                                           iii.      We will record directly to the lab-machines or CCC network drives.

d.      Resolved: Mike has tested all set ups:

                                                               i.      Network drive:

1.       Speed: fast enough YES

2.       Permission setup: student write-only, Mike can read from. YES

                                                             ii.      Local writable drive: C:/Temp

e.       Action Item: To double re-conform, Mike, Kelvin, and Robin will meet again at CCC-231 on next Wednesday at 12 noon to re-test and re-confirm everything functions correctly.


2.       Opt-out procedure: we think it is important to brief students on the first day about the project and recording. We will need to brief students twice. Details

a.       April 1st 5:45pm: Robin will go to Mikeís classroom to brief students about opting out

b.      April 1st 8:00pm: David will go to Mikeís classroom to brief

c.       Details:

                                                               i.      Classroom: CCC-231

                                                             ii.      Remember:

1.       students can opt-out from research study, BUT not from participating in the survey (part of course work).

2.       students need to give their names on surveys

3.       their Professor (Mike Panitz) will not have access to the survey results until the final grades are in, and Mike will have NO access to the identity of students on surveys (TLC will filter those information out).


3.       Pre- and Post- Survey procedure: we will use Catalyst Web Survey for this purpose. Details as follow:

a.       We will collect studentsí names on survey forms and TLC will remove this information.

b.      Pre-Course Survey will beon April 1st, first day of class.

c.       Collect students email address: On April 1st: when David/Robin brief students, will make then send their email address to TLC (make students send their email right then and there!!). With studentsí email address, we can control/inform students for post-survey.

d.      Action Items:

                                                               i.      Cinnamon: send updated survey form to David.

                                                             ii.      David: enter web-survey (waiting on Cinnamonís finalized survey forms).

                                                           iii.      Mike: will dedicate credits to students completion of the survey!

                                                           iv.      Mike: please identify the date for Post-Survey, you will need to dedicate about 20 minutes of class time for this.


4.       Survey Form:

a.       Action Items:

                                                               i.      Cinnamon: Update the form: could vs. can. To include Q2 and Q3 from our previous form.

                                                             ii.      Cinnamon: Create two version of the forms, one suitable for pre- and one for post-survey.


5.       Class room recording:

a.       Record 6 groups of students (since CCC only has 6 web-cams), this is different from what we discussed previously of recording all students, I am thinking 6 will be plenty, and if we simply set up the cameras before the first recording, students can self-select to work in the camera.Do people think this is ok?

b.      Record 3 sets of exercise.

c.       Action Item: none. All resolved.


6.       Classroom recording dates: the dates where we will perform the actual recording.

a.       Action items: Mike: report back with the exact dates, time, and classroom.

b.      Action items: Mike: we need about 20-30 minutes before class to set up the recording equipment, will we have access to the classroom for 20 minutes before your class?


7.       Exercises: we need to include explicit goals for each of the exercises, these goals should fall into two categories:

a.       Technical learning goals: (Action item: Mike to specify)

b.      Non-Technical learning goals, measurement/observation relating to:

                                                               i.      Interests level

                                                             ii.      Resilience level (continuously attempt the problems)

                                                           iii.      Frustration level


8.       Important dates/time/location/who: Mike please help!

a.       April 1: Initial visit for opting out and Pre-Course survey

                                                               i.      Time: 5:45 and 8:00

                                                             ii.      Location: CCC-231

                                                           iii.      Who: Mike + Robin (at 5:45) + David (at 8pm)

                                                           iv.      survey?

b.      Date? For first exercise

                                                               i.      Time: 5:00pm (to begin setup)

                                                             ii.      Location: CCC-231

                                                           iii.      Who: Mike + Kelvin + Robin

c.       Date? For second d exercise

                                                               i.      Time: 5:30pm (to begin setup)

                                                             ii.      Location: CCC-231

                                                           iii.      Who: Mike + Kelvin + Robin

d.      Date? For third exercise

                                                               i.      Time: 5:30pm (to begin setup)

                                                             ii.      Location: CCC-231

                                                           iii.      Who: Mike + Kelvin + Robin

e.       Date? For post-course survey

                                                               i.      Time:?

                                                             ii.      Location:

                                                           iii.      Who: Should someone else be there?